Silver Coins Found Worth Good Money!! | Coin Roll Hunting Half Dollars & Quarters!! | Silver Coins

Silver Coins Found Worth Good Money!! | Coin Roll Hunting Half Dollars & Quarters!!

Silver Coins Found Worth Good Money!! | Coin Roll Hunting Half Dollars & Quarters!!

We found a little bit of silver today, earliest was a Franklin!!
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I do silver coin related videos, coin roll hunting, adventures, challenges and whatever interests me! I am not the person to answer you investing or mortgage, refinance, insurance questions, but I am fairly good at other subjects relating to money. Hope you enjoy my videos! Giveaways are coming soon!!

If you read this far, you’re awesome!!

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27 Responses to Silver Coins Found Worth Good Money!! | Coin Roll Hunting Half Dollars & Quarters!!

  1. Riley the Coin Hunter! says:

    Silversearcher, I hit the bell!

  2. Gt Player says:

    hit Dat bell since I subbed

  3. iharthaters24 says:

    Hi SilverSearcher i got some dimes a few Days ago at my local Chase bank and i got a Silver Dime! 1957 D 😀 keep up the good work

  4. Phillip Rex says:

    clicked the bell.

  5. THE TECH MAN says:

    the angle you just found is great

  6. NBmetaldetecting says:

    Nice vid! Thanks for visiting our channel! Hope you like our content and our future posts! Enjoy! Clicked that nice little bell :).

  7. Mostly Outdoors says:

    I belled a long time ago

  8. Fisherman H says:

    subscribed and clicked the bell! love your videos!

  9. Masongt 2005 says:

    U should do quarters there’s a x2 chance of u finding silver

  10. Plants,birds and Nature says:

    I was so cool watching you bank hop!!:- )

  11. Ostler_Ideas says:

    New car cam angle is dank, +nice Franklin find

  12. W Fermier says:

    ALSO, remember the bank where you got the box of customer rolled halves.  (I believe you said it was a Wells Fargo.)  You have just found someone’s DUMP BANK where they unload their coins AFTER searching them.  It would make sense to skip that bank in the future since the chance of finding silver is low.

  13. Tyler Wisner says:

    I’ve heard of silver rounds being fed into clad circulation coin presses specifically being the 1977. If you still have it you should see if it weighs 11.5 grams.

  14. He Lives says:

    Have you considered that the Bicentennial coins could be 40% silver? If it looks like it, check the mint mark for ‘s’. I have a really nice one found crh.

  15. James McGlone says:

    you have more lighting in your new spot

  16. Brian Alcantar says:

    Is Wells Fargo good for coin roll hunting?

  17. Ron L says:

    how many rolls have you looked through, since you have been roll hunting?

  18. W Fermier says:

    I think the camera placement on the steering wheel is the better location for the camera.  The lighting is better!
    Also, instead of zooming in on your face, try holding the coins closer to the lens and let the camera refocus on them.

  19. cheeseburger monster says:

    love ur vids

  20. igloo says:

    You did not just say that franklin was $10…. I’m disgusted with you. And did you block me on Instagram?

  21. Lisa Lazaris says:

    you are lucky, to have all banks to go to. here in order for u to get coinage, u need a bank account with them first. and then the bank tellers act funny when u ask for 50 dols of pennies! I love to look for rare pennies

  22. G v says:

    it’s a hobby. do as you please

  23. Barry May says:

    It looks like you already having a great day hope you find some more at home today I should have 4 boxes coming this today hope to find some also. Sometimes there is none in a box but the most I have found is 19 in $480 customer rolled ones 17 was in the first roll

  24. Lee Lowe says:

    David are you driving while doing this?

  25. Lisa Lazaris says:

    nice video

  26. iStupid says:

    Turned the bell on buddy!

  27. Plants,birds and Nature says:

    nice video

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