GOLD RINGS & OLD SILVER COINS: Nokta Impact & Minelab CTX 3030 Metal Detecting | Silver Coins

GOLD RINGS & OLD SILVER COINS: Nokta Impact & Minelab CTX 3030 Metal Detecting

GOLD RINGS & OLD SILVER COINS: Nokta Impact & Minelab CTX 3030 Metal Detecting

Although I score a nice bale seal and my 23rd Silver, this is definitely another CHARLIE SHOW as he displays his prowess with his Nokta Impact. You won’t want to miss this hunt as he scores a big fat 14kt GOLD RING and a beautiful 18kt plated GOLD & CAMEO RING. The Nokta Impact is a DEEP DETECTOR even with the 7 inch coil. Thanks so much for watching, commenting, liking and subscribing 😀 Please enjoy and share the video my friends 🙌😁

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23 Responses to GOLD RINGS & OLD SILVER COINS: Nokta Impact & Minelab CTX 3030 Metal Detecting

  1. Dumpsite Digger says:

    Sweet bail seal .. Valerie Happy Birthday , ok Charlie Nice buffalo , Holy Cow is right Nice seated Charlie … me want one now Dang ,hey another Buffalo Okie Dokey … Mmmmm Johnny nice old Washington Quarter 1934…. Nice button Charlie …. How long before the acid goes bad I have some … less than year old … thats a nice old cameo ring .. Nice Video John .. Hi Charle ! I,m headed out in about a half hour chomppin at the bit Take care John … ATB to you

  2. DetectingtheBurgh says:

    Awesome finds again. The duo of Johnny and Charlie out at the Honey Hole, Kicking ASS. Had to laugh at how you brought up your Seated Date being better than the one Charlie hog. Charlie needs to dig a hole big enough to bury a Troll. Bye,bye Johnnny.

  3. J Three B Digg'n Canada says:

    Amazing hunt my friend, some great finds! Keep up the great work! HH!

  4. TreasureJack says:

    Took me a while but I figured out Charlie’s secret to success, just where a shirt that says Las Vegas on it and you will be rolling in the luck LOL Those happy hunting grounds never seems to run out of stock. I knew the ring had to be gold since it looked so nice coming out of a deep hole. Also love the cameo ring as well. Good times my friend.

  5. Madison Maine says:

    Gold and silver in the bag. How awesome is that?

  6. Dog is my co-pirate says:

    wow nice digging fellas what a fantastic hall bail seal, shiny quarters dimes and gold oh my. love love love that Cameo ring! beautiful seated couple buffs wow never hunted out big congrats to you two!! and last but not least happy birthday young lady!!! best of luck to you cheers Nathan

  7. Hooper45 says:

    Woo hoo ! Happy bday Val ! Go Johnny go !
    Always a pleasure to watch Johnny!
    Great hunt pal thanks for taking us along!

  8. JL DIGGER says:

    Nice hunt for you both! Congrats Johnny on the Bale Seal and 34 Washington! Nice 1853 Seated, Buffs, and beautiful Rings for Charlie! Nice job! HH

  9. Uncle Bill says:

    A great hunt. Nice video

  10. sdesic says:

    Awesome hunts guys!
    Charlie is killing it!
    Gold, buffs and old cameo ring & silver! What more can you ask for.
    Nice salty quarter #23 for you Johnny!

  11. Jersey Digmore says:

    Oh my …..Johnny & Charlie did really well!!!! Finding the gold ring that deep with a small coil is very impressive!!!!! Looks like the impact is the real deal!!!

  12. Fried Phrawg says:

    keep them coming Charlie Johnny it’s time for you to find some gold I can feel it it’s coming for you

  13. david hopper says:

    I have an impact . I have warmed to di3 as well . Well done finding the gold ring . Great hunt collectively some nice coins .

  14. Quarter Hoarder says:

    Pretty impressive hunt guys! The gold ring and seated were incredible finds. Machine almost pays for itself in a weekend! Really cool bale seal too.

  15. boxing63 says:

    WTG Charlie that Nokta Impact is being very nice to you congrats on the Cameo ring your 14k ring your cool relics and John congrats on your 23rd silver brother you guys are killing it out there HHG great video

  16. Dalton Thomas - Monster Coin Hunter says:

    Great hunt guys you really killed it that hunt congrats great mix of finds silver and gold to boot nice GL HH

  17. Maurilio Zamora says:

    Nice finds guys, congrats to the both of you. Happy hunting Johnny my friend !

  18. Chrononaut Metal Detecting says:

    Great hunt! Coins, jewelry and relics, a little bit of everything! Liked and subscribed.

  19. DeepDiggerDuo says:

    Congrats on your Washington for # 23.
    Combined, you guys had another great hunt at the HHG.

  20. diggin kc says:

    Some very nice finds gentlemen, congrats to you both. HH, Jim

  21. MetalDetectingMichigan says:

    Charlie is on fire Johnny, you had better cool him off. No, I am very happy for him and his gold finds. Great job of detecting. And a 1853 seated dime is nothing to laugh about!

  22. Hooked on History says:

    Great job John and Charlie! Of course a very entertaining video as well. Congrats on the bail seal and silver quarter. We rarely find bail seals. Big congrats also to Charlie on the seated and the gold ring. Great job guys.

  23. diggingtreasure1 says:

    Cool bag seal and Washington Johnny. Charlie did real well again too.

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