Metal Detecting Fists Full Of Treasure! Carson City Silver Coins Galore! | Silver Coins

Metal Detecting Fists Full Of Treasure! Carson City Silver Coins Galore!

Metal Detecting Fists Full Of Treasure! Carson City Silver Coins Galore!

Click here to learn how to find old sites to detect-
Full length documentary here

Metal detecting a huge silver coin spill with Carson City seateds, key dates, a shield nickel and more! Treasure hunting simply doesn’t get any better! Best day ever!

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47 Responses to Metal Detecting Fists Full Of Treasure! Carson City Silver Coins Galore!

  1. David LaHaise Jr says:

    What kind of small finder are you using?

  2. Danielle Fry says:

    Awesome dig!

  3. J Syms says:

    On my 8th day detecting I dug an enmpty lot next to my Nephew’s house. Found a stack of 50 modern us pennies all from 1964 to 1972. They were DEEP about 10 inches down in the sandy soil of Tampa. I was so stoked, I’m going to continue until I get finds like you are getting. It’s a numbers game. Persistence PAYS! Keep those videos coming!

  4. Potzillah 420 says:

    they planted em thats how. he didnt find those coins there to make a video.

  5. franz Robochicken says:

    I call BS!

  6. Idean Hagsgenas says:

    you just keeping it all to your self aren’t you

  7. huskyjerk says:

    Do coins just jump out of people’s pockets?   How do you lose coins out in the middle of nowhere?   It’s not like you were at the supply station where people had to reach into their pockets to pay for supplies.   Nice find, boys.

  8. Minecraftmoderz75 says:

    I thought he was gonna say a minimum of 9000 dollars. I was like DAMMN

  9. JustAnCow says:

    I have one of those dimes!

  10. Wayne Grant says:

    …and me, over here in Texas digging ax heads, and bottom plows. geez

  11. Christopher Sinni says:

    what a find ,whell thats it im getting a metal detector you’ve inspired me to get off my ass and get out and find something thanks keep up the good work Chris.

  12. Bobby G. says:

    I know it’s hard but I wish your videos were longer. I love watching them. I wish I could metal detec. Here in NY there is so much history. But many laws that work against us. No detecting on historical land. Any state or federal land you need a permit and anything over 10$ you must give it to them. If you get caught it’s a hefty fine. Almost 99.9% of people never give permission to detect their land. And if by any chance they do, they want whatever you find or they’ll be right on top of you the entire time. If you don’t hand over what you’ll find they’ll fight you or sue you. You pretty much have the only option of detecting on beaches. Or go at night and pray to god you don’t get caught. I live less than a half a mile away from bald hill which is the hill George Washington and his troops used to watch for the British. It’s under 24 hour surveillance. It’s a metal detectors dream spot. I did it once in the dead of winter when no one was around and I had hundreds of hits but the ground was harder than cement. Wish I lived out in the country like you all. Best of luck.

  13. Dan F says:

    With those two buttons, I"m wondering if somebody left a pair of pants there.

  14. Crimson Vulpes says:

    these videos piss me off. why cant this be me?

  15. wolfe david says:

    glad they are not cleaning coins,,,,,,

  16. Mark Arbic says:

    Had to watch it twice

  17. thomas marcell says:


  18. Cobra Coyoltzintla Hidalgo says:

    Muy buenos allasgos . Amigo quiero saber si se necesita algún tipo de licencia para buscar monedas en USA

  19. Terra N Texas says:

    what a hunt!!

  20. Jay Kraus says:

    didn’t the 2 metal buttons tip you off?? you obviously stumbled upon someone’s grave site. I guess it’s a good thing a metal detector doesn’t find bones.

  21. Girls Rock Metal Detecting says:

    So great! I’m soooooo jealous! xoxo

  22. Larry Stephens says:

    Unreal.! Aprox $25 to $30 in todays dollars… Love it…

  23. 1970 olds442 says:

    yea they plant the coins then they film themselves finding them. what a joke

  24. iceguyty says:

    did  you  detect under or around  those trees and bushes, that were close by the spill area,Maybe the guy that lost them was  in  a fight or thrown from a horse…? anyway  AWESOME Finds!!   — Dirt Dick—-

  25. Alex Morgan says:

    The second oldest is 1756

  26. SmoothRide says:

    SWEET! Before watching this video, I didn’t even know Carson City, or New Orleans minted any US coins. Thanks for the history lesson. And thanks for sharing this video. Love it!

  27. RAIN MAYHEM says:

    great hunt DR Tones

  28. aquariuspro gamer says:

    What’s tools do you use

  29. Smoke Gonzales says:

    awesome find

  30. maintoc says:

    Congrats, guys! That was wild. 🙂

  31. Nail K says:

    just curious, what’s the value of those coins ?)

  32. North Fork Sea and Dirt Fishing says:

    This is my favorite video of yours. Ive watched it a few times and keep hoping something like that will happen to me! Whenever i dont feel like digging i watch this to get inspiration. Thank you!

  33. Rick Ahrens says:

    way cool

  34. carlos ruiz says:

    Thanks for the reply. Your videos are awesome…. I’m looking to get in this hobby. Been doing some research and I’m liking minelab x terra series. I’m in New Jersey and I’d be looking for silver primarily here. I doubt there will be any gold . Can anyone tell me if the 505 is a good choice..

  35. mike womack says:

    Nice  ……  ;~D>>  ……..  Rrrrrrrr

  36. goldsilverandiamonds says:

    Probably a spot where a pioneer died from illness, murder or injury and the coins were the only things that remained.

  37. Bob says:

    Well done, guys – this is what our great pastime is all about! Bob from UK.

  38. Appalachian Prospectors says:


  39. John H says:

    voice over sucks….. yeah, you dig shit up. Not all that

  40. anthony puzyn says:

    It’s weird, the more confidence I have,the better my finds are…
    Try thinking positive

  41. Rick Kent says:

    the ol boy saddle bag feel off the horse ?

  42. supafly1982 says:

    what does seeded mean?

  43. carlos ruiz says:

    anyone know what series minelab used …?? xterrra ??

  44. ars8770 says:

    Congrats, your vids are great. thanks

  45. Sheryl St. Germain says:

    What is that  little gray stick that beeps  that is the small detector?

  46. Dalton Fancher says:

    i can’t believe that! Good job guys! Those were so shallow too!

  47. Samer Ghattas says:

    it’s not a Carson City Wheat Penny man look closely use your damn eyes that’s corn it’s corn

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