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2017 Australia Stock Horse Silver Coins: Final release now available!

2017 Australia Stock Horse Silver Coins

Complete your collection with the fifth and final release of the series!

Produced by the world-renowned Perth Mint, 2017 Australian Stock Horse Silver Coins were struck from 1 Troy ounce of .9999 fine silver and have a very limited mintage of only 10,000 coins. The fifth and final release in an immensely popular series, the 2017 design features a Stock Horse in a paddock rearing up with sheaves of grain in the background — a wonderful design to complete this 5-coin series.

2017-P Australia Stock Horse – P5 Privy 5 oz Silver Gilt Proof $8 Coin GEM Proof in its Original Government Packaging

Collectors can choose from coins that have been certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation to be in MS69 or MS70 condition and paired with our exclusive Australia Label and the Early Releases designation. To give ModernCoinMart (MCM) customers the most variety, certified coins are available in classic white cores in addition to elegant black cores.

Also available are 2017 1 oz. Silver Stock Horse GEM BU coins that will ship to you in their original Mint capsules! Each coin will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity with a unique serial number.

2017-P Australia Stock Horse – P5 Privy 5 oz Silver Gilt Proof $8 Coin NGC PF70 UC Early Release Exclusive Australia Label

If you are one of the many devout collectors of this popular series, you may be interested in securing one of only 500 5 oz. Gilt Proof coins that were created specifically to commemorate the success of the Australian Stock Horse series. With a unique ”P5” privy mark symbolizing the Perth Mint and the 5 previous Stock Horse designs, this 5 oz. masterpiece has already sold out from the Mint!

Conclude your collection of Silver Australian Stock Horse coins with the finale 2017 release!

Finish your collection NOW!

Final Issue In An Award-Winning Series: Mongolian Nature Roaring Deer Coins

2017 High Relief Dragon and Phoenix: Sold out at the Mint but available at MCM!

2017 China Singapore International Coin Fair Pandas Available Now!

First in a New Series: RCM’s 4-4-0 Locomotive Now Available!

2017-W Burnished Silver Eagle Signature Sets – Available Now!

2017 Denver ANA Show Pandas are on their way!

Continue the ATB legacy with certified 5 oz. vapor-blasted coins!


2017 China Golden Pheasants: Struck at Shanghai Mint and exclusively found at MCM!

The Golden Pheasant Shines in Gold & Silver

Add this MCM-exclusive release to your collection!

For nearly 100 years, China’s world-famous Shanghai Mint has reserved the creation of precious gold proofs for only the most culturally significant releases, often depicting real or mythological creatures that represent the nation’s rich history, culture, and heritage. Resulting in a release that cannot be found anywhere else, ModernCoinMart (MCM) partnered exclusively with China’s Shanghai Mint to create outstanding new gold and silver proof commemoratives.

2017 China Golden Pheasant – 30 g Silver Colorized Proof NGC PF70 UC Exclusive Great Wall Label

In Chinese mythology, the golden pheasant is often synonymous with the fiery phoenix for their similar crimson & gold coloring with long, beautiful tails.

As the closest thing to a real-life phoenix that humans have ever encountered, the golden pheasant was often used to represent the same ideals of peace, prosperity, beauty, and refinement.

Each gold and silver Proof represents the symbolic significance that the pheasant carries within Chinese culture.

2017 China Golden Pheasant – 3 g Gold Proof NGC PF70 UC Exclusive Great Wall Label

Available in 30g and 50g silver proofs and shining 3g gold releases, collectors can select GEM Proof commemoratives in their original Mint capsules in addition to NGC-certified PF69 and PF70 releases. All high-quality graded releases have been accompanied by our MCM-exclusive Great Wall Label to create a truly unique release.

These brand new 2017 China Golden Pheasant Proofs have very limited mintages, all ending in China’s “lucky” number, so don’t hesitate to add a little extra luck to your life today!

Shop 2017 Golden Pheasant Releases NOW!

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