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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice! Gold and Silver Commemorative Coins

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice!

Which Hero Will You Follow?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is one of the most anticipated films to be released in 2016. In this film, Batman fears that leaving Superman unchecked may do more harm than good. While Batman and Superman clash, Lex Luthor, a villain from Metropolis, takes this opportunity to release a new threat: Doomsday. In line with the comics from the 1990s, Doomsday is the muscle in Lex Luthor’s evil plans to take over the world. Batman and Superman must learn to put their differences aside and team up to stop this villain. This film will also introduce new characters from the DC universe, such as Wonder Woman, the Flash, Robin, and more!

MCM is proud to offer the official gold and silver Batman v Superman coins to accompany the new release. Struck by the Royal Canadian Mint, these coins have been highly anticipated among numismatic and comic collectors, alike. These coins are expected to sell out quickly — Secure yours today!

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