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Stamp and also coin cover marks centenary of nation-building train line

Stamp as well as coin cover marks centenary of nation-building railway line

Australia’s Trans-Australian Train was a crucial piece of national framework that officially opened on 22 October 1917. The promise of its building and construction had been made prior to Federation of the Australian swarms in 1901 to urge a hesitant Western Australia to sign up with the suggested Commonwealth.Crossing 1,600 kilometres of

the Nullabor Plain, Australia’s driest and also most isolated surface, the line attached the gold mining community of Kalgoorlie in the west with Port Augusta in South Australia, becoming a vital component in the trans-continental route between Perth, the Western Australian funding, and also the mass of the new country’s populace in the eastern states. Trans-Australian Train 2017 Stamp and Coin Cover Used throughout the building stage, Republic Railways G course engines hauled trains for the initial two years of Trans-Australian Train procedures. At the time of the photo included on this centenary postal as well as numismatic cover, they ‘d been replaced by C course locos which can meeting need for enhanced lots. Like its contemporaries, engine C 66 was constructed at the Queensland engineering business Walkers Limited, which had actually built its initial locomotive in 1873.

Integrating an Australian commemorative coin struck by The Perth Mint, the Australia Article issue additionally showcases stamps representing travel posters from 1930 and also 1960. Extolling the love of rail travel throughout the age of steam, the initial stamp consists of a picture of a camel. Preferably suited to Australia’s dry problems, these pets were imported throughout the 19th century from India and also Afghanistan to assist wilderness exploration, transportation and also building. The second stamp, entitled ‘To the West’, depicts a GM course diesel locomotive constructed by Sydney-based Clyde Design, first seen on the Trans-Australian Train in 1951.

Simply 7,500 of these stamp and also coin covers will be released, each featuring a Kalgoorlie first day of issue postmark dated 4 July 2017.






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Second year running for the Australian Kangaroo Silver Proof Four-Coin Set

Coin devoted to happy Hindu event Diwali

Coin devoted to delighted Hindu event Diwali

Diwali, the ancient five day Hindu festival, is taken into consideration one of the happiest vacations in India.

Words Diwali originates from the Sanskrit word deepavali, which suggests”row of lighted lights “. The primary motif of the celebration is the accomplishment of light over darkness, benefits over evil, understanding over lack of knowledge, and also hope over despair.To celebrate Diwali, people tidy and enhance their residences with lights and also candle lights, dress up in their finest garments, and participate in puja (prayers), often stooping before Lakshmi, the goddess of wide range and success, to seek her divine blessing.During the event nights, fireworks light up the skies as well as friends and family commemorate with elaborate feasts.How preferred is Diwali?Approximately 80%of India’s 1.2 billion people identify

themselves as Hindu.The nation is the home of even more

  • than 20 million Sikhs as well as 4 million Jains, who additionally celebrate Diwali.Diwali has importance for several Buddhists, who note the day by shouting mantras to remember Lord Buddha.Throughout the world, Diwali is officially recognised in
  • numerous various other countries, consisting of in Bali, Fiji, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Trinidad and also Tobago.Thanks to the Indian diaspora, there are likewise celebrations in Western countries such as the United States as well as United Kingdom.In Australia, where Diwali occurs on 19 October 2017, circus showcasing fireworks, food stalls, dance as well as henna paints will certainly happen in resources cities.< a href= ""target="_ blank" rel =" noopener noreferrer"> Diwali Celebration 2017 1oz Silver Coin The Perth Mint’s initial coin to mark Diwali represents a coloured representation of Lakshmi sitting on a lotus flower with gold coins pouring out of her hands, symbolising material and spiritual wealth.Struck from 1oz

    of 99.99 %pure silver, no more compared to 5,000 of these vividly coloured releases will certainly be provided, each housed in a latex display screen structure that presents both sides of the coin.Save Conserve MESSAGE A REMARK Conserve Save Conserve Save Conserve Save











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ANAGRAM Win an Australian Bush Infants II– Possum 2013 1/2 oz Silver Proof Coin

ANAGRAM Win an Australian Bush Babies II– Possum 2013 1/2 oz Silver Proof Coin

City slicker in Australia are well familiarized with possums. Inventive as well as identified foragers, they have a taste for vegetable yards as well as kitchen area raids! These nocturnal scallywags are also known to reside in the roofing system spaces and wall surface cavities of people’s homes.For your chance

to win a Possum 2013 1/2 oz Silver Proof Coin from our Australian Bush Babies II series, try resolving this month’s anagram puzzle.Clue: Australia’s a lot of familiar possum Ways to get in: Email your solution to!.?.! marking

your reply’July 2017 Anagram Competitors’in the subject line. Please include your name, address as well as phone number. Entrances close on 31 July 2017. Qualified entrants will certainly be included in the totally free draw and also the victor will certainly be alerted by telephone or email. Terms and conditions. See us on Facebook as well as Twitter for alert of anagrams as well as various other great coin competitions. Last month’s victor: Congratulations Siobhan O’Neile of NSW for the correct solution of ‘Ornithologists’.





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Exactly what’s brand-new? Perth Mint collector coin releases for July 2017

What’s new? Perth Mint collector coin launches for July 2017 Illumination the way this month is the brilliant Diwali Event coin from July’s brand-new release bulletin.Celebrated by numerous Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and also some Buddhists the world over, Diwali is an ancient 5 day’ celebration of lights ‘and also is taken into consideration one of the happiest vacations in India as well as Nepal.The colourful Lakshmi, goddess of wide range, health, lot of money and success is magnificently portrayed on this 1oz coin struck from 99.99%pure silver.For the lots of followers of Australian coins, July invites the 2017 Australian Koala Gold Coin collection, including a brand-new design across 4 99.99 %pure gold coins.Celebrating Australia’s a lot of beloved marsupial, each coin includes an iconic koala hing on the soft lawn under a eucalyptus tree.Each spectacular coin is provided with a minimal mintage and is offered in elegant hardwood packaging.For the collector of all points Ghostbusters ™, the second of 3 tribute coins showcases Slimer the gluttonous ghoul who leaves a repulsive green scum in his wake. As the initial ghost recorded by the Ghostbusters group, the “unsightly little spud “came to be a symbol of the 1984 hit motion picture franchise.We’re likewise pleased to announce the launch of the 2017 Australia Half Sovereign.Inspired by the Sydney Mint’s initial fifty percent sovereign, struck from 22 carat gold, this contemporary homage shows the conventional purity of all sovereign coins considering that 1817. Provided as Australian lawful tender, this sensational fifty percent sovereign is perfectly presented in a wood situation, with a mintage of 1,000. Click the digital bulletin over to discover this month’s total

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SOLD OUT Gold High Relief Eagle proves popular

SOLD OUT Gold High Alleviation Eagle proves prominent

The Perth Mint Coin Collector blog site is run by the historic Perth Mint. We post normal news as well as sights regarding our latest coin launches, layouts, sell outs, unique deals and a host of other topics that we really hope will be of interest to our enthusiasts. Your contributions as well as comments are always welcome. Group Profile: Our Visions, Our Worths

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Classic movie coin captures Ghostbusters ™ esprit de corps!

Traditional film coin catches Ghostbusters ™ team spirit!How do you catch a

ghost? You call the Ghostbusters, of course!Released in 1984, Ghostbusters ™ the movie complied with 3 oddball physicians– Ray Stantz (l), Peter Venkman(c), and also Egon Spengler (r)– who started their very own company being experts in the elimination of ‘ectoplasmic ‘entities.

< img course ="aligncenter size-full wp-image-24452"src=""alt=" "size="525 "elevation="335"srcset=" 525w, 300w "sizes=" (max-width: 525px )100vw, 525px"/ > A bit of a nerd, Spengler was accountable for establishing the innovation behind some of their well-known equipment– including the

positron collider, much better referred to as a proton pack.With Venkman, their relaxeded leader, and also the eager and also excitable Stantz, the group’s solutions were in big demand from people of New York horrified at a worrying increase in paranormal activity.The most powerful tool in the Ghostbusters ‘mobile arsenal, proton packs were bit speeding up gadgets consisting of a hand held stick, or fragment thrower, attached to a back pack sized’cyclotron’. Primarily, they disabled adversely billed ghosts by alluring them within their favorably billed proton beams.In an era prior to innovative electronic techniques, the movie’s ghouls

were produced with creatures, maquettes, animation, overlays, and a lot of resourcefulness besides. The visual effects crew was similarly creative when it came to the proton ray. The idea of the prop’s stick featured fluorescent bargraphs, incandescent light bulbs, and strobing flashes to which they synchronized the stunning neon-coloured’streams’. An unprecedented mix of fantasy, scary and funny showcasing special results destined to hold up incredibly with time, Ghostbusters ™ was a significant important and commercial success. A fantastic motif tune and also its famous ‘no ghost’symbol, which enveloped the idea that evil apparitions could be confined as well as mocked, added additionally to its unique and long-lasting appeal.Ghostbusters ™ 1oz Silver Coin Collection For the movie’s many fans worldwide, The Perth Mint is delighted to reveal the initial of three unique commemorative coin launches, each struck

from 1oz of 99.99% pure silver. The 2017 Ghostbusters ™ coin depicts Spengler, Venkman, as well as Stantz versus a depiction of New york city under a sludge green skies. As any kind of authentic admirer would expect, the layout likewise includes the’no ghost’ icon. In coming months, further coins portraying Slimer, as well as Stay Puft, will certainly be launched in complementary discussion product packaging. Based on a minimal mintage of 5,000 worldwide, with each other they’ll create an exceptional trio of rare numismatic tributes.TM & © 2017 Columbia Pictures Industries

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Norse Siren Frigg adheres to Freya coin offer out

Norse Goddess Frigg complies with Freya coin offer out

The Norse Goddesses series showcases three silver coins celebrating major sirens of ancient Norse mythology. Each coin is struck in high relief to a rimless style and also showcases an antique finish.Off to a flying start with Freya (offered out), the second coin in the series showcases a striking analysis of Frigg, Queen of Aesir, spouse of Odin, as well as mother of Baldur.Norse Goddesses– Frigg2017 2oz Silver Proof High Relief Coin STYLE OVERVIEW ᚠFrigg Goddess of love, marriage, fertility, being a mother, fate andweaving ᚢNewborn baby a sign ofFrigg’s function as protector of birthing ladies ᚦWoven strings she

was claimed to have weaved the strings of fate to identify the destiny of men and gods
ᚨWhite candle utilized byFrigg to bless ladies in labour

ᚱMistletoe used by the charlatan Loki to eliminate Frigg‘s son Baldur,whose death she had predicted ❬ Secret breast stated to have actually stored Frigg’s shoes, jewels as well as secrets ᚹHlidskjalf as Queen of Aesir, she was permitted to itin Odin’s highseat, which featured makings

of his wolves ᚺRose quartz necklace adornment showcasing one of Frigg
‘s gems,with also included amber as well as

moonstone.ᚾ Falcon her spiritual bird Incredibly Limited Mintage Just 2,000 of these Norse Goddesses– Frigg 2017 2oz Silver High Relief Coins will be released.Gone along with by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity,each coin is housed in a hardwood

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Exactly what’s brand-new? Perth Mint collector coin launches for June 2017

What’s new? Perth Mint collector coin launches for June 2017

Scandal sheets of the Australia Kangaroo dominate Could’s new launch bulletin.Stuart Devlin’s classic photo of the renowned marsupial now shows up on an impressive kilo coin beautifully struck from 99.99 %pure silver in proof quality.The iconic design is additionally showcased on a special 2oz gold proof release incorporating an extremely rare pink diamond from Western Australia’s Kimberley.Collector delights, each spectacular coin has a limited mintage of just 300.

Kangaroo collection agencies are likewise invited to appraise a new 1oz silver proof high alleviation coin including an intricately detailed representation of the well-known animal bounding throughout a wilderness plain.There are similar brand-new deals with for followers of the Australian Koala with the launch of 2 excellent brand-new issues. Our most current kilo silver

proof coin as well as 5oz silver proof high alleviation coin additionally showcase very minimal mintages.Meanwhile, this month sees two comply with up launches to the current Australian Supply Equine silver coin. Australia’s favourite horse is seen grazing on a brand-new 5oz gold proof coin, while an amazing 5oz silver gilded version incorporates all five of the Stock Equine makes seen considering that the introduction of this sell out series.The terrific Norse Goddesses series of high alleviation antiqued silver coins currently transforms its focus on Frigg, goddess of love, marriage, as well as destiny.(Rush to secure your own because its precursor Frigg

is already offered out!). We’re also pleased to include in May’s bulletin a tribute to the 1984 supernatural comedy struck Ghostbusters ™. A certain’have to have ‘for numerous enthusiasts of movie souvenirs, the silver coin represents the movie’s 3 ghost busting heroes

as well as its memorable ‘no ghosts’symbol.Click on the digital notice over to discover this month’s total line-up of new launches or check out Recent Launches on The Perth Mint web page. POST A COMMENT(Why?)Published at Tue, 06 Jun 2017 01:40:32 +0000

Perth Mint embraces obstacle of crafting its most prestigious coin set yet

Perth Mint welcomes obstacle of crafting its most prestigious coin set yet

An essential aim for any type of happy organisation is to evaluate its skills with the objective of surpassing all previous initiatives. The Perth Mint has constantly challenged itself in order to extend its capabilities beyond the standard. From a pioneering duty in ‘colourisation’ and also ‘gilding’ methods, to casting our globe record breaking One Tonne Gold Coin, we have actually never avoided pushing the boundaries.Recently, we created an ingenious as well as prestigious series of famous Australian coins combining pure precious steels with extremely rare pink diamonds from Western Australia’s Argyle Diamond Mine. Currently, we have actually taken this sensational blend of all-natural treasures to a new degree with the unveiling of The Australian Trilogy, perhaps the most spectacular Australian Three-Coin Set ever produced. A never-to-be-repeated launch with a main restricted mintage of

just one, the Trilogy combines 3 2017 coins from our iconic Australian animal series. At one kilo apiece, the outstanding releases are all big adequate to fill up the hand of your hand.In the quest of perfection, as much as 30 instances of each coin were struck before a process of scrupulous

examination and denial resulted in 3 supreme choices(as well as the melting pot for those discarded ). With spotless clearness as well as clarity, their appearance is quickly arresting. There’s a shock, as well– unmatched mixes of metal and design suggest the Australian Kookaburra is made from 9999 gold; the Australian Kangaroo from 9995 platinum; and also the Australian Koala from a wonderful color of 22 carat weight increased gold.Each work of art obtains the really amazing with the addition of a very carefully chosen elegant coloured diamond within the style. Breathtakingly lovely, these wonders of nature are so incredibly uncommon that much less than a fistful see the light of day annually. The most valuable as well as searched for diamonds in the globe, they’re exceptionally developed by the world’s most well-known cutters and also polishers.Respectively, Trilogy coins feature a round dazzling cut 0.47 carat Fancy Deep Purple-Pink; an emerald cut 0.46 carat Fancy Dark Gray-Violet; and also an emerald cut 0.58 carat Fancy Intense Pink.Even with the Mint’s substantial competence, setting

the rocks was cause for significant anxiousness. With much time as well as initiative dedicated to generating coins with the finest surfaces, it was startling to think that a person slip of a beading tool the entire project would be compromised.The finest ruby setter, particularly flown to Perth from Singapore, was left to handset the amazing gems. A cumulative consumption of breath complied with by a nervous delay was highly compensated, nonetheless, when our professional craftsman finished the demanding procedure with spotless accuracy. The vision for The Australian Trilogy was the best collection of pink ruby embellished coins yet developed. A radiating example of exactly what is attainable when innovative, imaginative as well as artisanal skills are joined in the search of perfection, we think that as an incontestable highlight of Australian priceless collectables it has raised bench as soon as more.With a suggested market price of AUD 1.8 million, The Australian Trilogy could be watched at The Perth Mint throughout June. Purchasers are welcomed to call Shop personnel or telephone call(+61 8) 9421 7376 for more info. POST A COMMENT(Why?)Released at Wed, 07 Jun 2017 06:55:56 +0000