Heres a quick little video I made explaining some of the advantages of buying 90% U.S. coins as your primary Silver investment. These “Values” are for Common…
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  1. silver999junkie says:

    do u do any trading i have 90% to trade out for bullion PM me if interested

  2. Silveready1 says:

    it depends, higher Grade Morgan dollars tend to hold their value better than Bullion, especially when the price gets crushed like it has recently -but this is an excellent time to be stacking Silver bullion!

  3. silver999junkie says:

    Best deal is silver rounds

  4. MyCityGuide2013 says:

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  5. Joes Money says:

    I think he meant as far as premiums go.  Both bars and rounds are are awesome. I prefered bars when I started, but now prefer rounds.

  6. Silveready1 says:

    just wait for the good deals, check out any coin shows coming to your area -you can usually score some pretty good deals on Junk silver coins -thanks for watching.

  7. weizenale says:

    I just started buying silver a couple months ago.I started with rounds and bars but this month i seen a video on mercury dimes.I have bought 100 total this month already.I bought 4 different times and when i equal them out i paid around 2.13 a dime..I just started and think i did great.I see people paying over 3.00 a dime on ebay

  8. Snowshoejoe says:

    Good info!

  9. Stephanie Shafer says:

    silver is worth something in any condition if u come a cross any coins that are not up to the condition u like let me know ill take them off ur hand

  10. loh1110 says:

    But bars are stack-able… so we can stack more silver on top of the other silver we stacked.

  11. Silveready1 says:

    I like bars, but rounds are easy to store 20 at a time in plastic medallion tubes.

  12. loh1110 says:

    Thee best deal in silver are bars, period.

  13. jeff h says:

    instead of referring to “times face”, people should buy them by weight, due to the wear of these coins. sometimes they weigh less due to wear, therefore, you are paying the same amount for less silver.

  14. Silveready1 says:

    thanks for watching.

  15. buysilvercoins1 says:

    Great video loved it….Do not buy fro ebay etc silver is only worth something in good condition!

  16. dPain261 says:

    LOL, it is called a mercury dime because it looks like the greek god mercury.
    NO Mercury involved. 

  17. Schwarze999 says:

    You were watching Pawn Stars weren’t you lol

  18. Alexplus20 says:

    Just curious but isn’t mercury supposed to be dangerous?
    Like back in the 1800s they used to use mercury in their hats and that would cause them to go a bit batty-hence the term Mad Hatter.

  19. Silveready1 says:

    the best place to see what market prices are is Ebay -that will give you some idea of what copper cents are selling at right now, Copper in my opinion is not rare, it is an industrial metal and relies on strong economic demand to drive prices, so it’s not really a “safe Haven” investment like PM’s.
    however I would much rather be holding a million dollars worth of copper pennies than fiat dollars anyday!

  20. ErlangerVeritas says:

    –  Is there anyone out there that will buy the copper pennies at 2 cents right now? Just curious…I have also recently been purchasing copper bullion bars and rounds since it appears copper is trending towards precious metal status in the coming decades. What are your thoughts?

  21. ErlangerVeritas says:

    – Don’t know about you, but I have been buying like crazy since the price dropped from $43.00/oz. I hope it holds steady until I’m satisfied lol. Nice video

  22. Silveready1 says:

    no im not wrong about this – the half dollars between 65 and 70 are the only circulated U.S. coins after 1964 to have ANY silver content and they were 40% Silver.
    dimes and quarters from 1965 on were Clad.

  23. Goldenchild795 says:

    I thought the half dollars, Quarters, and dimes between 1965-1970 are 40 percent silver.. That`s what all the silver junkies on youtube have been claiming.. I heard you say that quarters after 1964 are just clad.. Perhaps you may be wrong about that?

  24. Mark Hadley says:

    You might want to consider Canadian junk silver. It is 80% silver not 90% but they are mostly in much better shape because they are newer and harder so less prone to wear

  25. Silveready1 says:

    I should have said “Approximately” 1 Silver Dollar is the Equivalent to about 10-1/2 Dimes, you can still usually get the Dimes at a Much better price.
    Recent Coin Show (4-16-11) = Common Morgan & Peace Dollars selling for $38.00 to $42.00 Each, Common Silver Dimes $2.50 to $3.30 each – thanks for watching!

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