Croatian Coins Celebrate EU Accession, 1st July 2013 | Silver Coins

Croatian Coins Celebrate EU Accession, 1st July 2013

The Croatian National Bank have issued (1st July) two new coins which mark the country’s accession into the European Union, as of the 1st July 2013 – Croatia becomes the 28th member state.

From constituent republic of the former socialist republic of Yugoslavia, Croatia emerged as an independent democratic republic after the dissolution of Yugoslavia in 1991 – the second time in its history that Croatia had become an independent country. Negotiations began in 2004 for Croatia’s eventual entry into the European Union and it wasn’t until December 2012 when the agreement among the governance of the European commission and that of Croatia was lastly signed paving the way for today’s 28th member to join the 56 year old organization.


The two new coins, 1 gold and 1 silver, are developed by the sculptor Damir Mataušić and feature basic styles of the now familiar stars symbols of the EU. A pattern reminiscent of a honeycomb is produced of 27 stars, the former number of EU states and highlights the last and 28th star, that for Croatia, involves a smaller sized incused five-pointed star. Also incorporated are the names of the existing member states on the silver coin’s reverse.


The gold coin’s obverse style includes a depiction of 3 stars, highlighting the 3 steps to accession, that of negotiation – agreement – accession. The text “REPUBLIKA HRVATSKA ČLANICA EUROPSKE UNIJE 1. VII. 2013” is integrated on both coins on the obverse. The two coins are denominated in the national currency, the Kuna, which was introduced in 1992 following the re-establishment of the National Bank. Produced by the Croatian Mint on behalf of the National Bank, are struck to proof top quality.







one hundred Kuna

.925 silver

20 grams

34 mm.


4000 pieces

1000 Kuna

.986 gold

7 grams

22 mm.


3000 pieces

For much more details on these and other coins presented by the Croatian National Bank, please visit their site at: Data is supplied in each English and Croatian, no info regarding the sale of the coins to overseas address is given. Coins are offered as a two coin set or individually and from outlets in Croatia as directed by the National Bank of Croatia.

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