How to tell what US coins are SILVER | Silver Coins

How to tell what US coins are SILVER

I explain what coins where minted in silver and how to tell.
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12 Responses to How to tell what US coins are SILVER

  1. Eric Ras says:

    Hajj khaki

  2. panzer strike says:

    I have the 1971 Eisenhower uncirculated in the original plastic bag

  3. david williams says:

    I have some of thoses

  4. anyon e says:

    Franklin halves are all 90% silver. That’s another way to tell too. They were produced between 1948 and 1963 (the year Kennedy was assassinated) and so by 1964 (the last year U.S. coinage were 90% silver) they redesigned the half dollars to honor President Kennedy. From 1965 to 1970 the (Kennedy) half dollars were 40% silver while the rest (dimes & quarters dated 1965 to present) are made of copper core with nickel cladding.

  5. Hauptmann D says:


  6. mochicheezburger says:

    Darn I sold a lot of good stuff because for some reason I thought 1957 and before were 90 % silver

  7. 4skinnz says:

    that is USD sorry.

  8. 4skinnz says:

    franklin halves are worth 12.15 as of 1.30.12 8:24pm gmt

  9. BeepItsSean says:

    Really helpful. Great vid, thanks.

  10. ExpertOfSound says:

    thanks for the useful information, I am going to look through my coins jar to see if I have any silver ones!

  11. bmdmaloclm says:

    Any half dollar before 1964 is 90% silver. I used the JFK half as an example because it was the last half the US produced that had silver in it.

  12. bennygypsy23 says:

    What about the Franklin halves?

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