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Junk Silver Investing – Choosing the Coins that Sell at a Higher Profit

Let’s take a look at the various scrap silver choices in U.S. coins. I talk about the least expensive pieces to get and how it will better compliment your ot…
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25 Responses to Junk Silver Investing – Choosing the Coins that Sell at a Higher Profit

  1. LetsgetphysicalAg says:

    Love my 90% junk dimes! I have a lot of quarters, but as far as investing, Im going all in on dimes! Thanks for the video!

  2. BlueRidgeSilverhound says:

    I like the diverse mix of various silver. Depending on what your budget is in that moment in time, junk or the fine bullion would be the best choices.

  3. wflite says:

    I like the so called “junk” to go along with the bullion. nice vid. I have pulled some nice numi’s from my junk. What’s your take on bullion stack coins? I am partial to the Libertad. Most of my bullion is in Libs and Eagles. Lately the Libertads. Cheaper Premium and nice looking coin.

  4. BlueRidgeSilverhound says:

    Hope real soon. A number of dealers in my area are offering 90% for only 14x face. It’s an opportunity staring most folks in the face.

  5. SilverTurtle65 says:

    Thank you good info, Im going to be buying 90% soon

  6. Brooks Thornhill says:

    Interesting Video, I think you would be interested in my only vide on my channel, check it out

  7. Mike Hunt says:


  8. stamps says:

    I pooped a nickle out of my ass yesterday. My momsy says that it’s good luck and worth alot of money! I like peanut butter,do you like peanut butter? My uncle Todd says that only he can clean my bum good! But I can’t tell anyone! I’m gonna see if I can poop out more coins!

  9. papermoney54 says:

    Have you been buying silver with prices these low?

  10. Paul Maritz says:

    Great video. How is the market for ZAR gold and silver coins in your part of the world?

  11. JIMMY RAY says:

    just bought 6 franklin halves 2 walkers and 2 half dollars( there choice) from provident metals you can get franklin halves 2 for 19 dollars or walkers 2 for 20 dollars or 2 half dollars of there choice for 18 dollars not bad

  12. Bobby Chansen says:

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  13. weizenale says:

    got 118 mercury now and 132 Roosevelt..averaged 2.13 a dime though

  14. GamerDude64 says:

    I actually prefer coins to be worn down because it adds character to it and it has more history to it

  15. mapleblackdrums says:

    Silver is just over $22.00 today May 18th.

  16. mapleblackdrums says:

    I have heard that silver is going to dip down to $15 and in 2014 go higher than $40 and just rise from there. 

  17. MrMetalBreath says:

    Walking liberty halves like mini ASE.

  18. johnpascoe97 says:

    I’m in love with silver dimes. I needed twelve more to finish my roll which I was going to buy but I was then at my job I opend up a roll of dimes for the register and 9 silver dimes within the role I was stoked

  19. Numismatic Chalk says:

    Love merc dimes- one of the most beautiful obverses … great vid!

  20. Vincent Bomba says:

    Just watched your last 3 uploads. Great job on good content. Just wanted to add on the tip jar video…I also look in the take a penny leave a penny bowls by the registers, when I tell the clerk why about 90% of the time the clerk says they will keep an eye out for me and it has paid off with several wheats at face and a few silver dimes at face, not to mention the non U.S. coins. Keep up the great work and happy hunting

  21. bestsurvivalist2012 says:

    nice vid :) check out mine

  22. weizenale says:

    very true i was recording from my phone just a cheap android so the Sony is a major upgrade plus i have a little tabletop tripod for my phone that the sony fits into that so worked out for my.Plus i’m usually recording my videos at home anyway..

  23. BlueRidgeSilverhound says:

    Oh yeah, I have one of those as well. My wife bought one for me from Costco a couple Christmas’ ago. It works good, but the videos upload slow to my account. The iPhone uploads a little quicker and I can upload from anywhere. Not just from a computer.

  24. Hope Walker says:

    We still thank you for all of your awesome videos!

  25. weizenale says:

    I bought a sony bloggie off ebay refurbished for 44.00 it works awesome for youtube videos

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