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In this video I will show you my brother’s collection of large silver bullion coins from all around the world. Since I only collect gold coins, I removed thi…
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25 Responses to Silver Bullion Coins*** COLLECTING SILVER COINS IS EASY

  1. jaymur001 says:

    Try APMEX (dot) com

  2. laj5126 says:

    Very rare and nice but how do you source them. Are you in Europe? I have never seen many of the coins you showed, who has them for sale?

  3. andriyk47 says:


  4. Slim Charles says:

    I think it’s an aluminium case manufactured by a company called Lighthouse.

  5. andriyk47 says:

    what kind of case was it? gruppenfuhrer0’s reply is gone.

  6. dsafty says:

    fakes on ebay… ebay has one of the best buyer protection policies around… fakes are less likely because of that

  7. invisibletim says:

    Then don’t freaking buy from ebay. —> golden eagle coin dot com

  8. PMCollector says:

    Hi! Nice video. It’s really nice to see such a wide range of different and unusual coins.

  9. Slim Charles says:

    Only buy from sellers that have a great reputation, and only buy cheaper stuff from eBay. If you want to get more expensive coins then buy them directly from a mint or from a trustworthy dealer.

  10. andriyk47 says:

    too bad there are so many fakes on ebay or I would start collecting 🙁

  11. worldancient says:

    Nice collection!

  12. Andrii S says:

    Акцент у автор чисто советский)

  13. silver john says:

    hi how many oz gold do you have now after you sold some for a real estate regards

  14. 2001papasito says:

    Great Video , where do you buy the case and holders for your coins ? cheer’s

  15. John Dt says:

    what kind of case do you use? the coins are also inside cheap plastic airtights. so?

  16. jimmy t says:


  17. Mckie Nicholson says:

    i have one heros of desert storm marshall islands bullion

  18. Slim Charles says:

    You keep £20,000 worth of coins inside a $20 case?

  19. HauptmannRob says:

    I don’t reckon you can beat the 2007 reverse of the Britannia myself, not just because it’s my own country but it’s a really very beautiful reverse. Certainly the best of the Britannia series.

  20. Willie redmond says:

    where do you buy for silver from…….

  21. dontmesswithsqacky says:

    do you have any gold coins from the bahamas?

  22. 8wealthyone8 . says:

    More coins and history please. It is good. Thank you blesses

  23. kcrone1 says:

    Thanks for reponding to my question if you collect silver or not gruppen.

  24. USCRASHFIRE says:

    I love this video. I have a few of these coins and now I am going to look for the rest!

  25. ggeckocincy says:

    Not the air tights, but the case that holds all the bullion.

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