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Some 2013 West Point Silver Eagle Sets Arriving

1 of the most anticipated United States Mint numismatic item offerings for this year was the 2013 West Point Silver Eagle Set, which includes coins with a reverse proof and enhanced uncirculated finish. Issued to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the edifice that homes the United States Mint facility at West Point, the US Mint accepted orders in the course of a 4 week window beginning Might 9, 2013 and ending June six, 2013.

Sales have been extremely brisk during the opening days from collectors and dealers eager to be amongst the initial to get their sets. Following the opening weekend, sales had reached a lot more than 180,000 units. By the conclusion of the ordering window, sales had reached 281,310 units.

At the start off of sales, the US Mint indicated that shipping for the sets was anticipated to commence in mid to late June. Information posted on the item web page following the close of the ordering window stated that fulfillment would take place between mid-June and the end of September 2013 and orders would be fulfilled on a very first in, very first served basis.

While the vast majority of collectors nevertheless look to be awaiting their 2013 West Point Silver Eagle Sets, at least a few have reported the arrival of their sets. 1 of the early recipients was a Mint News Blog reader Steve who was sort sufficient to share some images and details about his sets. He placed his order about 12:12 PM ET on the opening day of sales, with an order number #41478XXX. (Final three digits removed for security.)


Each and every 2013 West Point Silver Eagle Set consists of a reverse proof and enhanced uncirculated American Silver Eagle, housed within a single hugely polished, blue lacquered hardwood presentation case with a certificate of authenticity. This packaging is comparable the prior year&#8217s 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set.

The reverse proof Silver Eagle features a mirrored design and style components and inscriptions against a frosted background, or the reverse of the standard cameo proof look. The enhanced uncirculated Silver Eagle attributes a mix of heavily frosted, lightly frosted, and uncirculated finishes to develop a new appearance for the classic design and style. According to information offered by the Mint, the uncirculated and heavily frosted finishes are employed alternately throughout the design and inscriptions. The lightly frosted finish is utilized for the background fields.


Following examining the sets in hand, Steve provided these observations in a comment on a earlier post:

The Enhanced Uncirculated coin is amazing. From the pics I&#8217d noticed, I truly couldn&#8217t tell how the coin would look in hand. What surprises me is that the field of of coin in fact has a semi-proof like reflection.


He offered these added observations by e mail:

Like I said in my post, the most surprising factor to me is that the field has a semi-prooflike appear and is rather dark when compared to the relief of the coin. In fact, from a distance (if you were displaying the set say on a table in OGP) you could very easily error the enhanced coin as regular proof&#8230that&#8217s how massive the contrast is amongst the field and the relief. The only factor that offers it away as not becoming a proof coin (once more from a 6 foot distance) is if you notice the stripes on the flag that drape down Liberty have contrasting looks&#8230every other stripe has a reverse proof mirrored appear.

A huge thank you to Steve for sharing these pictures!

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