Urban Mining for Copper and 12 Silver coins | Silver Coins

Urban Mining for Copper and 12 Silver coins

Urban Mining for Copper and 12 Silver coins

Free stuff from the hardware store all thanks to saving copper then I stumbled upon a silver vein at the local hardware store!!!
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25 Responses to Urban Mining for Copper and 12 Silver coins

  1. dennis hummel says:

    great score! i love when this happens, you don’t get too many people that will do that for you, better go back to that store and don’t tell anyone

  2. Ryan Howlett says:

    that happened to me once and I got 4 silver dimes.

  3. Dan P says:

    Hey what year did they stop using silver for quarters

  4. digger whit says:

    very nice, got to love the silver.

  5. twigbranch11 says:

    very cool!

  6. JPMorganSuckBalls says:

    for investment.

  7. JPMorganSuckBalls says:

    you lucky sum of a gun….you got all that silver for face value?
    When i scrap, i buy silver

  8. Drazil690 says:

    I am new to metal detecting… What is the best way to clean coins without damaging the artifact?

  9. jacob brown says:

    i sometimes find silver working as casheire.

  10. Christopher Rubeo says:


  11. NickelMan219 says:

    Nice finds.Come check out my silver and coin collection if you’d like.

  12. Cedric Derecho says:

    Cool, nice finds 🙂

  13. Christopher DigginDirt says:

    also meant to ask you how you go about asking people to hunt private land, do they ever want payment as in a fee or to keep anything you find?? I’m venturing off of public land and am going to start private lands (hopefully) and don’t want to get in over my head. Enjoyed your videos.

  14. Christopher DigginDirt says:

    what a great find at the hardware store, very fortunate 😀

  15. iowanmetaldetector says:

    Hey sweet video! Do you still have that website?

  16. DigginAmerica™ WILD BILL says:

    Incredible, how in that split second you distinguished the unique sound which started you thinking .
    Great story about how it happened TF … and thanks for sharing .
    BILL .

  17. BwinDog10 says:

    This gave me an idea. I’m going to go to the bank and trade a 20 dollar bill for a roll of 80 quarters. I’m going to take all the bicentennials and pre 1965 quarters out to keep, then replace them with normal quarters, turn it back into the bank, and start the process all over again.

  18. beau moloki says:

    nice one. I am 13 years old and have a garrett ace 250 and have been hunting for around three years. started off with a bounty hunter detector but so far i’ve mostly got clad and a little bit of jewelry. Any tips of where to go to find silver coins

  19. 805DigDug says:

    Awesome. its nice being in tuned with Silver cant believed you heard that! but Great find even if you had to dig it out of a cash register!

  20. Bill Smith says:

    How is it “looting” when they dig up old privy’s and privately owned property? There is SO MUCH stuff underground that will just rot away if no one digs it up so I think American Diggers is great and love the show! Just because they make a profit on their finds doesn’t make it looting so lighten up and enjoy the show that highlights historical interests

  21. Jockguy2008 says:

    I was at Disney one time and the same thing happened. I wanted to go through the cash drawer well she ended up having to ask her supervisor. I tried telling him I just wanted some for collecting but he wasn’t buying it so I had to tell him about them being silver. Well darn then he shut down her register and said I had to identify all the silvers and he would spilt them with me Of course we both had to pay. We ended up with like 8 a piece

  22. mcrfuse says:

    I sold some of my xbox games to this kid before I was deployed to Iraq back in 03 and I told him. everything for 10 dollars, he gave me two 1/10 american gold eagles…. lol

  23. metaldetectingUSAPAR says:

    myarents said i cant spend more than 420 on a meatl detecter…. Is a fisher f5 better than a garret ace 350? also got any good metal detecting places in illinois

  24. bigglewings says:

    Dude, we have the same heart. I recently got a degree in archaeology from the UW in Seattle… figured i’d turn a passion for digging into a career. I’m working as a waiter now, as without at least a Master’s you can’t do much in archaeology. Anyway, keep it up. And if you could put out the word to boycott the show “American Diggers”, you’d be doing good folk a service. They pretty much made a show about step by step extreme looting techniques, and they give people like you and me a bad name.

  25. MrPalamino1 says:

    Whats up fiend, i own a laundromat and you just wouldn’t believe the silver. i found at least two rolls worth of silver quarters . Nice finds

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