(3/5) Semi Numismatic Silver Coin Investments – Best Premium Silver Bullion Coins | Silver Coins

(3/5) Semi Numismatic Silver Coin Investments – Best Premium Silver Bullion Coins

The second video in the series discussing the three features of semi-numismatic coins. Visit http://DailySilverUpdate.com for more information about investin…
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11 Responses to (3/5) Semi Numismatic Silver Coin Investments – Best Premium Silver Bullion Coins

  1. Chubearishere says:

    Thanks for the reply/info

  2. godrulztheearth says:

    for the last 2 years, yes. it was reported that the 2013 and 2012 Fiji taku coins have a limited mintage of 350,000. apmex didn’t report the mintages of the ones before that which tells me that the mintage was probably much higher so don’t buy the older ones until we know what the exact mintages are for the other years.

  3. Chubearishere says:

    Would Figi Takus be considered Semi-numis too?

  4. Gary Schultz says:

    You’re probably better off that you didn’t see them. There’s demand now because sheeple think they have value. That can change and very quickly.

  5. JohnnySilver831 says:

    I think it’s important to have a mix of both semi-numi and coins and some bars if you like too but only well known brands with a very good reputation. Semi-numi protects you now from the volatility of spot prices in the short term and also gains value, BUT I think having a huge amount of something like silver eagles is good for possible large scale investments in the future. Just my opinion, but a good mix of both is essential.

  6. greg williams says:

    Wish these vids had of been around when i was learning how to STACK

  7. Power Surge says:

    provident metals special!!!! i paid about 28$ each for my 2013 pandas they are only charging 5.99 over spot for any quantity 🙂

  8. Silvercoinsshow says:

    I am buying 5-10 Panda coins each year since 2011.
    Regarding 2012 Panda coin for $38 1:35. I disagree . The price is moving with spot price….If you bought this coin in 2012 you paid min. $42.

  9. ChristopherWalkenPUA says:


  10. TheDrPhilo says:

    Unfortunately though, notice how apmex only offers to buy the current year and not previous years. In order to get those great prices you have to be willing to unload each coin individually. This costs a lot of time. Also to get those prices you will most likely have to go through an intermediary such as ebay, who will also take their cut. Just things to consider.

  11. Silver2012DotCom says:

    Pandas #1!!

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