How to find the melt value of gold or silver coins and jewelry | Silver Coins

How to find the melt value of gold or silver coins and jewelry

Everything you need to know to calculate the melt value of solid metal items like coins, bars, medallions, jewelry, and more. If you have a question after wa…
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12 Responses to How to find the melt value of gold or silver coins and jewelry

  1. drutter says:

    The stamped weight on bullion is the actual weight of the bullion, not of the primary metal it contains. So a 5 troy oz bar of 999 silver weighs exactly 5 troy oz, and has 4.995 troy oz of 100% pure silver in it. 🙂
    <3 Hyper Report!

  2. HyperReport says:

    I agree with most except when you did the calculation on the 5 troy ounce bar. The bar says that it is 5 troy ounces of gold. I believe, and I could easily be wrong, that the bar, if properly weighed without the plastic, would be of a weight slightly greater than 5 ounces (e.g. 5.021 troy ounces) to allow for the .001 impurities in the gold.

  3. okpapereat says:

    I use grams then use a pm calculator

  4. booe34 says:

    I just bought a 1/20th Chinese Panda..2013 . It’s MS-70 so I hope it at least holds its value.

  5. EpicRV says:

    Thanks for the useful video.

  6. drutter says:

    Nice. Sounds like a good strategy.

  7. Mrbullydog66 says:

    Great video, When I first got into silver the only stuff I could find was scrap silver, I once bought a nearly new mens sterling silver chunky bracelet from a pawnbroker. It had arrived from HQ and looked like it would suit a poor Mr T. Weight is 434g ish. It’s like a brick. I still have it, as I think diversification could be beneficial, as if they ever did go on a bullion confiscation, I have old and new, scrap & wearable, jewelry, bullion, coins & numismatic. I even have silver wire.

  8. FastPips says:

    nice thanks

  9. thespamcleaner says:

    Yepp that one cent coin is worth 2.5 cents…and it’s going obsolete now 🙁

  10. drutter says:

    Very well then. Watch for my upcoming video titled “How to find out how much silver and gold you could get with your US Dollars”!

  11. U2Berror says:

    I don’t measure in $, only weight

  12. rocky315w says:

    Ah but did you get $200 of memories from that ring.

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