Silver Coins Unboxing March 2013 | Silver Coins

Silver Coins Unboxing March 2013

Unboxing March 2013.
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8 Responses to Silver Coins Unboxing March 2013

  1. TheBudgetStacker says:

    love those freedom girls does anyone in uk have any for sale please?
    those 5oz puppies are so cool thanks for showing

  2. 101platayoro says:

    Hi, where did u pick up the acadia, it and the hawaii are really nice!

  3. 2001papasito says:

    Nice unboxing bro , you have to remove the Freedom Girl from the plastic and feel the edges .If your wearing gloves they will catch on the edges if their anything like mine..check out my last vid to see what I’m talking about …Nice collection bro..cheer’s

  4. greg williams says:

    nice score finding a tiger, Im still looking for one and the hawaii volcano too very very nice

  5. Tonic Lime says:

    I like those America The Beautiful 5oz coins! I just picked up a few silver proof sets of the quarters. You should check out my latest vid. hey thanks for sharing your coin haul!

  6. yttst01 says:

    Nice score!

  7. javamanV3 says:

    Nice pickups – thanks for the show – I ordered my SGs on the 29thif Jan also – no word yet. I think the first one you got was for patience and this one was for ordering the 1st 24 hours.

  8. bonniebrogunier21 says:


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