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The coin-price is right

The coin-value is right

There are numerous sources that can aid coin collectors, old or new, in figuring out the value and worth of the coins they have.

There are books out, “The Red Book” (A Guide Book of US Coins), “The Blue Book” (A Handbook of US Coins), as well as coin newsletters and catalogues obtainable at any public or private library, coin dealers/shops anywhere in the US. There are also on the internet guides for the prices of US coins obtainable on the net, particularly the NumisMedia internet site.

For a synopsis of the price tag of each and every coin, the following are the basic values of every cent, penny, or dime in the marketplace.

The United States wheat-cent, the circulated ones

The price of these coins produced prior to 1958, or those that are dated 1940, are at the moment getting purchased by coin dealers for two cents every single, or much less. Those created prior to 1940 command a much higher cost – from a few much more cents to a few dollars.

The silver-dollars

Silver-dollars from the US, especially these made before 1935, have nearly an ounce of silver in them. These coins are the favorites of coin collectors and could be sold for more than their actual worth in silver if they are undamaged or not worn severely.

The dollars of Susan B. Anthony

If by luck you take place to get one particular of these as a adjust, the worth is much more than a dollar and proof Susan B. Anthony dollars command even far more. They are not simple to fine as they are not normally being circulated.

Quarters, dollars and halves – the bicentennial kind

There have been billions of these coins made out, and since there are so a lot of of them, their worth is typically just face value. There are coin dealers even so who pay ten % of the face worth as premium for circulated bicentennial coins, and a handful of dollars more for those that are uncirculated.

A freak coin

Think it or not, there are two-headed coins out there. Fundamentally, these are coins with two distinct designs on every face. These coins were made in error and mistake was not discoverer till the year 2000. This sort of coins is typically referred to as “mules”. In 1999, it was discovered that a cent with Lincoln’s face on one side and Roosevelt’s dime image on the other existed.

It you uncover a coin of this it should be taken to a reputable coin dealer and assessed to figure out if is genuine. If so, this coin could be place up for auction and command a handful of dollars much more.

It is therefore accurate that a coin is basically worth a lot more than meets the eye.

Silver coin of Henry VI, 1422-61
silver coins
Image by Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
Silver coin of Henry VI, 1422-61, worth four silver pennies, discovered in Harborne.

Accession quantity: 1955 C194

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