Turning Everyday Coins into “Junk” Silver | Silver Coins

Turning Everyday Coins into “Junk” Silver

In this video I explain the importance of having real tangible money like gold and silver coins. Today I cashed in over 0.00 worth of coins that I saved u…
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25 Responses to Turning Everyday Coins into “Junk” Silver

  1. NosfaeranArmy25 says:

    Who was the girl in the background?

  2. biblesnbarbells says:

    Yes. I know, they get a cut for sorting. Thanks for the info. Anthony.

  3. lanceoa says:

    Don’t put it the machine.. they take 9.5% of your money.. that’s a few more quarters

  4. biblesnbarbells says:

    Thanks for watching. God Bless. Anthony.

  5. 007chantell says:

    Great wisdom…Thanks

  6. biblesnbarbells says:

    I check most of it during the year when I am saving it. You are correct, many times there is silver in our change. Thanks for watching. Anthony.

  7. Tom The English Picker says:

    Good video. You should have checked the change you cashed in, there might of been silver in there.

  8. biblesnbarbells says:

    I agree, the markets are going higher and silver will be going up as confidence in the dollar decline. Thanks for watching and for your comments. Anthony.

  9. Iron Gator says:

    Cant argue the fact that in times of collaspse, neccesity and rarity create new currency. Silver, gold, weapons, food, water, etc ALL will be worth way more than cell phones, laptops, or even Federal Reserve Notes. Just gotta say though… if you gonna swap cash in, you better do it quick… the markets on needed stuff if getting higher every single day and just gonna skyrocket till total collapse. Silver was $25 an oz when video was created but on 04/23/2012 it’s $30 an oz.

  10. biblesnbarbells says:

    That is great news for you! Hold on to them. Stay Ready!

  11. Steel Wolf says:

    o $HIT i have 23 roal of 1953 Quarters
    (yah i know i can not spell very good)

  12. biblesnbarbells says:

    I did. I should have used the bank. I did pay the 8%. Thanks for your comments. Anthony.

  13. biblesnbarbells says:

    I hear you. Anything to keep the people confused and in the dark. Thanks for your comments. Anthony.

  14. biblesnbarbells says:

    Thanks for watching and God Bless you also. Stay Ready. Anthony. (Isaiah 40:29).

  15. JohnJohnOhio says:

    First of all, God bless you! Second, great idea! Jesus Lives!

  16. nextdimensions says:

    Yes I was being facetious. I am all with you on the .71-.72 oz. per dollar face. Totally with you. What I was saying about your “person” is that in a court, and to the government, the word “person” has a different definition than what most people think. It literally means “corporation”. That’s why lawyers use a different dictionary called Blacks Law Dictionary. It’s yet another way how they have enslaved the people.

  17. biblesnbarbells says:

    It goes by what silver is trading at that day. He used $34.00 per ounce as the standard the day I purchased. Your “person” would be that you have physical possession of the silver or even paper money. If it is in the bank or in stocks there is no guarantee you will be able to get it if the market conditions worsen or there is a run on the banks. You need some emergency reserves that you have access to. Thanks for watching.

  18. nextdimensions says:

    Daang! You only got back 16 quarters for your $100? 😉

    It’s interesting you mention “your person” at the end, because thats some interesting stuff right there about legalese, and how your person is a corporation. 😉

  19. biblesnbarbells says:

    Thanks for watching. Been weightlifting for over 35 years. Hard, slow gains, but I am still training strong, thank God!

  20. biblesnbarbells says:

    You are right. I place them away from my other regular coins. Thanks for watching.

  21. biblesnbarbells says:

    Try your local coin shop. There are some on-line stores also. Some have a minimum amount you must purchase.

  22. biblesnbarbells says:

    I do not always look at them before I place in the jar. I used to look at every one of them. You are correct, sometimes there is regular silver coins or even some key date coins. Coin roll hunting is also another good way. Thanks for your suggestions and comments.

  23. justbegi7 . says:

    Do you look at your coins before you dump them in to the coin machine. Its rare, but every now and then I have come across silver 1964 rosevelt dimes from when I have saved.

    Coin roll hunting is another way to get silver without spending what you saved.

  24. corpsman907 says:

    The problem is finding junk silver. I cant seem to find shit anywhere.

  25. pcnightmare52 says:

    Make sure you don’t accidentally spend them. :)

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