Beware! Fake Silver Coin. Fake Maple. Knowledge Sharing. | Silver Coins

Beware! Fake Silver Coin. Fake Maple. Knowledge Sharing.

I got this fake Canadian mapple silver coin from my friend. I’m going to do some test and physical examination. The weight is almost the same as the original…
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18 Responses to Beware! Fake Silver Coin. Fake Maple. Knowledge Sharing.

  1. jack pot says:

    thx bro

  2. VeriGoldSoundLtd says:

    There is an easy sound test (ping/ring test) which allows to check a coin. Look for a CoinTrust app for iPhone.

  3. bantingsilverporn says:


  4. bantingsilverporn says:

    I wish so… hahahaha

  5. NewBookz says:

    I notice also the jaw line of the Queen fake is very pronounced. Thanks for this 

  6. doug lothier says:

    On the bottom of the coin where it says “fine silver 1 oz” the 1 looks different as well. These fakes have been circulating around for years but they are easy to spot.

  7. bantingsilverporn says:

    Forgot to ask the seller….

  8. Jahkillian says:

    So whats the fake one made out of?

  9. bantingsilverporn says:

    Cheers 🙂 and happy stacking…..

  10. shmadz says:

    Thank you for the close-ups! I was all worried when I heard of fake maples, but when you see it close up with a decent camera, no one who had seen a real maple would fall for that fake.

    (talking about the leaf side here, the queen side actually looked pretty close to me, other than the missing initials of course, but when you see the texture and detail of the leaf, that’s gotta be hard to fake)

  11. accardi4life says:

    It may be a Platinum coin instead 😉

  12. bantingsilverporn says:

    it was my intention to get my 1st fake coin, so that i can gain knowledge/experience. 🙂

  13. beachbumsocal says:

    Hope your friend gave you back your money. That would be the honorable thing to do.

  14. bantingsilverporn says:

    Welcome :)

  15. D503z says:

    Thanks for the video!

  16. jojo123469 says:

    good job ,thanks for the awareness. never thought there where fake Maple Leafs out there..

  17. TheGoldenmace says:

    good video

  18. Shawn says:

    Yes, I’d definitely recommend ordering a real Canadian silver coin from any one of ten places, Apmex, Jmbullion, Provident metals…on and on, no shortage of them. Even a local pawn shop. $20 for a new 2017 Canadian Maple. They are so beautiful, with many security features and .9999 pure. There is no mistaking it for a cheap-looking silver round!

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