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British “Junk” Silver Coins aka “Pre Decimal”

British “Junk” Silver Coins aka “Pre Decimal”. All pre 1947 coins. Music: Cunninlynguists – Enemies with Benefits Instrumental. Just some silver coins arrive…

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8 Responses to British “Junk” Silver Coins aka “Pre Decimal”

  1. la19881 says:

    World silver coins can be found for good buys, but the thing to be careful about is the amount of silver in the coins. For certain years the coins from Great Britain were .925, then drastically reduced to .500. The buyer needs to be educated on what years the coins have different silver. It’s not clear cut like the USA that is pre 1965. Cool video.

  2. jamessential says:

    some of their reviews are claiming the silver is fake. be careful folks

  3. TheBullionBoy says:

    I don’t know mate. Ask them. I’m sure they don’t bite. Comet had good reviews and look where they are now.

  4. Bally lolly says:

    not sure but the site has no reviews at all is it a new site?

  5. TheBullionBoy says:

    What are the scam ones so I can stay away from them?

  6. TheBullionBoy says:

    I’ve made 3 purchases. First was a small one (100g bar) because I wasn’t sure either, second was the rest of my bars a week later, 3rd was the coins few days after that. Can’t fault them on any purchase. Quick delivery, well packaged etc… No VAT on coins but a small premium. They pay 100% fix so have to make a £ or 2 when selling I guess. Still much cheaper than bullion and cheaper than any other dealer I looked up. If I buy anymore coins, I’d give them another call for sure.

  7. Bally lolly says:

    One last thing does there product come with VAT included in the price? it seems to it does

  8. Bally lolly says:

    Is Purametal a good site? I cannot see any reviews for it which makes me suspicious I mean its not a scam site right? as I have met many british folk being scammed as they look for VAT free silver bullion and coins?

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