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Do you really own your 90% silver coins?

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24 Responses to Do you really own your 90% silver coins?

  1. uchihasurvival says:

    …and in the meanwhile, I’ll start to do more coin roll hunting to get these 90% back into my collection. Then, I’ll melt them down with the help of one of my local jewelery. At least I’m from Canada so it won’t affect me either way!

  2. kvilleification says:

    Can’t melt them. Against the law. 

  3. Al Ma says:

    not all forms of silver are reportable. What’s to stop people from only turning in the reportable silver and not the non reportable silver?

  4. lifelessperson1993 says:

    Firstly, less than 20% of the gold was actually turned in on Roosevelt’s order and there appears to have been no known arrests or prosecutions. Second at this point listening to the laws, especially non-sensical laws such as silver ownership and coinage ownership, is quite an unintelligent thing to do. Any silver will do, 90%, sterling, 999 bullion et c. Just hide the silver… besides they aren’t gonna bust down your door to find a few ounces of silver on a hunch.

  5. brucebannerman says:

    Don’t they say possession is 9/10 of the law! I don’t see this ever happening- 90% is collected bc of the silver content so the inherent value is in the silver and the government does not control the value of gold and silver unless there’s a mine behind the White House that we don’t know about. I’ll be keeping mine- they can have it when they pry it from my cold dead hands!!!

  6. kvilleification says:

    They are not going to force people to turn it in. I don’t think i conveyed that properly in the video. They will devalue all of the junk silver to face value. You can keep it, but now its illegal to sell for more than face value.

  7. kvilleification says:

    Obviously the government is not going to go door to door and ask everyone for their silver quarters. What they can do is restrict the sale of the coins over face value. So now that silver quarter that was worth like $5 is now worth 0.25. Your LCS, bullion dealer, ebay, etc. can’t sell silver quarters for more than face. People are going to panic and try to get whatever they can for their 90% and spend it back into circulation. Then the mint can filter it out, and its gone for ever. Simple.

  8. Gregg H says:

    What’s the simplest way for governments to get metal? Threaten citizens to turn in their coins, or nationalize the mines. If it comes to it, they’ll just grab the mines, rather than breaking into people’s homes and digging through their yards looking for where they buried a few dozen ounces of coins. During the last confiscation gold and silver was widely held by the public. It’s not that way today, and confiscation wouldn’t be worth the trouble.

  9. Ben1986h says:

    just my 2 cents… consider who predominantly owns gold and silver, the wealthy. and what do the wealthy do, they support the govt with their funding. I think the last thing the govt would ever do is tell their supporters their money is no longer theirs, or valuable…. and vice versa the wealthy, that unfortunately but true, control a large part of govt deals and decisions with their funding, would allow the govt to do that to their gold and silver.

  10. javamanV3 says:

    The thing is, it is one thing to make a law, and another to implement it. Are they going door to door with magnifying glasses looking at dates on Washington quarters and Roosevelt dimes? No! Also – almost all of these laws have numismatic loopholes. Collectors can keep their gold coins or Silver dimes. And finally, the stacking community is a pretty independent bunch. I don’t think you would see most of us in line to turn in our constitutional silver!

  11. thevetteway2fast says:

    I wouldn’t worry about junk silver or any silver confiscation, also watch truthnevertold sbss silver confiscation

  12. thevetteway2fast says:

    Any coin I bought with money I earned it mine, regardless of what they say. Most people feel this way no matter what they say or request. Also in 1933 it wasn’t enforced, there was no documented cases of people getting jail time or fines for non compliance so it was basically requesting the people to turn in their gold

  13. thevetteway2fast says:

    You own it as you did in 1933 when they tried this and most didn’t give it up, not to mention hardly any would give their metal up now since they saw what happened as it got revalued after they turned it in. Turning in peoples metal nowadays is like asking to give up your child or firearms for protection, wouldn’t happen and people would defend that stuff to the death

  14. dandude2013 says:

    They can take my 90 percent out my cold dead hands if they make it illegal ill just melt it in my back yard fuck the law u would just roll over to the govt. That easy u probly give your guns too

  15. kvilleification says:

    That is exactly what I tried to say in this video. I don’t think it was clear enough. Thank you for your comment.

  16. LadyBeritanavatarius says:

    You love collecting,but that should not blind you. If what this guy says is true, you could lose all you’ve collected. That should be of concern to you, but rather than discourage you it should make you want to be vigilant and defend your personal property that you invested money and time and energy into! If he’s wrong, fine… but if he’s right it’s important people know. Time will tell, but at least people are aware of the possibility.

  17. kvilleification says:

    That is exactly what I’m doing 🙂

  18. gjcoins says:

    the thing is… if you collect foriegn coins or hoard foriegn silver that the US government can not take them because it is not under their government … basicly if you own silver coins that are not from the united states they will not be able to take it

  19. kvilleification says:

    You can sell your junk silver to online bullion dealers. I sell mine to Provident Metals. Would highly recommend them if you are interested.

  20. GarouLady says:

    the goverment did the same with gold in the 1930’s, History has shown time and time again that governments in times of desperation will fall back upon old tricks. Don’t get me wrong. I love my country but there are times that the government scares the beegeus out of me. I won’t get rid of my junk silver just yet because all my LCSs are crooks, but I plan on buying more bullion from now on.

  21. Silver Destiny says:

    Can someone pls tell me why they say that junk silver is the cheapest way to accumulate silver, when it takes 6 quarters to make 1oz of silver? If you take the price of silver and divide it by 6, you will find the spot price of a quarter, i see in web sites that they go $3-$5 over spot, and what if you buy a $1000 worn out bag? the never sell you a bag by weight, but if they buy it back they weight it! Even a $100 junk bag if the coins are worn out,do you know how much of a big loss you have?

  22. Frank Aryeh Tucci says:

    1950splitscreen, the order to return all gold coin from 1933 to 1974 was NOT voluntary. If you didn’t return all but $100 of your gold to the government you were fined or imprisoned. Read about it yourself.
    It is very possible that yet could happen again.

  23. 1950splitscreen says:

    You actually believe history books? Silver was not confiscated ever. In 1933 the government offered to buy your gold (totally voluntary). It was illegal for you to sell gold to anyone besides the government. You are way off . Believe what you want.

  24. kvilleification says:

    Whoa, easy with the name calling. I am not trying to induce fighting here, just pointing out some facts.

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