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How to Find Free Silver Coins, Tokens and Money

I found this silver dime today. I always check the coin counting machines at the stores I go into. You’ll be surprised at what you can find.

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25 Responses to How to Find Free Silver Coins, Tokens and Money

  1. mapleblackdrums says:

    I do the penny thing and am separating the copper out for myself and a few weeks ago I was with my boys and looked in the reject slot first thing and there was a quarter and I told the boys before I grabbed it that I bet it was silver and it was, a 1964. They couldn’t believe it.

  2. Mage Lee says:

    I found a silver dime and 2 WW2 silver nickels in and on our local coinstar machine in the last year and half

  3. Matthew Baumann says:

    Do you think it’s still worth collecting silver coins when the USA and Canada are becoming cashless societies like Sweden?

  4. Centex Automation says:

    Good Advice, About two years ago I found a 64 and a 67 half in a coinstar machine. Yeah, that was a good day!

  5. LegacyClanSniping says:

    why did he say quarter and not dime

  6. autograph415 says:

    wait do coinstars always eject silver?

  7. Lenny Nash says:

    my wife works at a grocery store and one day a guy put through his change into the coinstar and 3 coins wouldn’t go through so he brought them to her and asked if she would give him the 2 dollars for it. they were a 90 percent kennedy half, a reg clad half, and a 40 percent ike dollar… its amazing what people leave or just trade away for face value

  8. sergio5pe says:


  9. billionville says:

    good info now i will stalk the machines

  10. CrackAttackBlack says:

    sounds like something a crackhead would do

  11. coinhunter94 says:

    i found an 1838 threepence this way, in georgia.

  12. MrVegiita says:

    1954 coin and it’s in great condition! A really nice clean silver dime 🙂

  13. fisheater6 says:

    My first time I found 3 shield pennies, I guess coinstar doesn’t like them either.

  14. rashad5010 says:

    Learning from a master

  15. dipswell says:

    ha, my wife works in a bank and they throw all that stuff in the trash barrel beside their machine. I always tell her to bring it all home but she’s afraid they’ll think she’s stealing. Last time I was there I found 1 silver, 20+ wheat pennies and two handfulls of tokens and forign coins. Then she yelled at me for going into the trash at her work in front of her boss…lol I think he might give her a raise if he knows we are picking the trash

  16. terminal99 says:

    good going!

  17. Steelgreyeyes says:

    So far I have not found any US silver ….. but did find a 1936 British Shilling, about size of our quarter …. and a lapel pin with a dirty looking cresent moon that reminded me of New Orleans. Took the pin home and cleaned it up …. designer item from New Orleans, made as a Katrina fundraiser by local artist ….. sterling silver! Retails for $90!

  18. klaus blarg says:

    I found a 1963 silver quarter doing this.

  19. Ruppert Jenkins says:

    Wow, it must be a blast to want to buy a Coke and have to stand behind you in line for 40 minutes while you try this stunt.

  20. UnnamedThinker says:

    i found an 1838 threepence in a coinstar machine once. and i find lots of pennies that are stuck together.

  21. BetterSafeThanSorry7 says:

    i always try try to check the coinstars whenever i go to the supermarket.

  22. David Frankel says:

    I found a 1964 dime yesterday in a coinstar. Great tip!

  23. Matthew Almeida says:

    really you can just sit there all day doing that and the machine will always give you a different one?

  24. WendelCanada says:

    you can get free silver from vending machines too just put in a dime and hit coin return until one that you want comes out

  25. NEXPAR says:

    Leaving money on the machine? That’s weird. The only money I see disposed of are pennies. Maybe that’s just Denver. Will have to keep an eye on these machines. Getting $3 for a quarter is not bad… unless you are the one throwing the quarter away.

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