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Jim Rogers ‘Don’t Sell your Gold and Silver Coins’

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22 Responses to Jim Rogers ‘Don’t Sell your Gold and Silver Coins’

  1. Pansy2viola says:

    Removed, and deprive people of a great laugh! You have so drunk the Kool-Aid!

  2. Mark Marks says:

    Do not be fooled by the tricks of governments and the super rich. They want regular investors like you and me to lose hope in silver, gold and platinum. That is their plan so that they can ruin your wealth. They want you to panic and sell your coins and bars for very low prices while they are ruthlessly buying it.
    Buy as much precious metals now as you can afford because they are headed up, up and away.
    Dont be surprised if this comment is soon removed.

  3. stephentsang2000 says:

    Thank you, stupid Americans~ We Chinese bought 300 tons of cheap gold in one week because of your selling~

  4. David Bermudez says:

    Okay will buy Rubles and NOT sell my gold or silver!!

  5. stropssports says:


  6. TheCashistrash says:

    he is not buying anymore gold and silver because he feels like he already has bought enough at a lots cheaper price than it is now. he also mentioned he is not selling either. the 1300 an ounce price we saw recently will probably the last time we will ever see gold that cheap. I think the consolidation is over.

  7. nixymagoo says:

    Apples rot. Gold does not. Metals are not overpriced your dollar buys less

  8. fuzzywzhe says:

    I love the headline at 3:20


    While he’s saying “no currency is going to be worth much of anything in a year or two”.

  9. TheRenaissanceYngMan says:

    good video, check out my blog post about the bitcoin.

  10. dmitri senda says:

    he’s not saying for people to not buy gold or silver. he’s saying he isn’t buying it. this video is very dishonest.

  11. fountaincap says:

    Good to see Lauren back on the air!

  12. Timmy Mcfistfull says:

    one word..>SOLD!!!! only thing keeping price up is you saying buy more and the leamings who listen…No wars, No Jobs, and he says spend 25K in gold..BAH HA HA you know how moronic he is? Metals is way over priced..he knows it and he don’t care about you .,..he I got some good advice…by apples…herd apples shortage next year buy apples…While I bought apples at 1 dollar…I tell you at 35 to buy apples? Its called minipulation and is a crime I believe…

  13. frankenstoner says:

    How come the fucking East Africans get first dibs at them Austrian Empire coins? I WANT THEM! BRING EM TO AMERICA! I WANT TO BUY THEM IN THE FUTURE!

  14. frankenstoner says:

    I can’t believe I’m simply repeating George Lincoln Rockwells quotes exactly, but no American in the mainstream has ever heard him, or anything I’m about to say one time! The fbi statistics in the 1960’s proved most of the communists in the USA were heavily congregated in NYC, and Hollywood! There were only 2 communists identified in Mississippi the poorest state in America in the 1960’s.

  15. frankenstoner says:

    If communism was a by product or disease of poor people, there is something awfully peculiar going on in this country! 2 communists were identified in Mississippi the POOREST state in America, but THE MOST, 1000’s at least, were identified in NyC, and Hollywood, CA. Guess what, that’s also where most of the JEWS ARE! But you’re not suppossed to think about that, that’s naughty! – George Lincoln Rockwell 1960’s

  16. frankenstoner says:

    Communism isn’t created to help poor people, it’s created for the sole purpose to PUT JEWS INTO POWER!

  17. frankenstoner says:

    Communism is Jewish. George Lincoln Rockwell proved that in the 1950’s.

  18. frankenstoner says:

    You must understand the Russian Revolution in 1914 or 1917 was caused by Athiest Racial Jews that actually were born in America in the ghetto communist housing welfare projects in NYC, and Chicago. Obama sunk his teeth into Saul Alinsky and these same JEWS long ago. In fact, OBAMA is a JEW, and a Terrorist. They travelled from Chicago/Nyc, to Russia, and overthrew the gov there. They tried to take the Weimar Republic, or Munich in 1919 in Germany. SS

  19. frankenstoner says:

    Bad news because there is no 2 at nothing in the power game in this world. If he said that Russia has been a disaster since 1917, and now Russia is turning around because of Putins leadership, then that means there possibly is a 360 flip in the world. Obama the JEW, and Terrorist if he could get

  20. frankenstoner says:

    his communist way, he’d turn the USA right into Russia in 1917, in 2017. The same housing projects Obama, and Saul Alinsky sunk their teeth into in the ghettos of chicago, produced the same ATHIEST RACIAL JEWS, that went to Russia, overthrew the Tsars, locked up, & killed 60 million Christian White Russians by 1933.

  21. Bongo Brian says:

    …then there is always people like Siam Slim, who obviously don’t live in the real world!

  22. Bongo Brian says:

    I buy a little Gold & Silver, but can’t stand this guy… He is speaking to the 1%
    How many people watching this can afford to buy Yen, Rubbles and Farmland & everything else he rabbles about?
    He says hold your Gold & Silver, but what if you dont have any or only modest ammount, Should you not try and get some.
    Bullshit interview from this fool.

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