Kellermensch “30 Silver Coins” & “Army Ants” | Silver Coins

Kellermensch “30 Silver Coins” & “Army Ants”

Kellermensch performing live at Nytorvet, Copenhagen on a cold winterday in support of the fundraiser held by Danish radio P3. All donations were given to Da…

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25 Responses to Kellermensch “30 Silver Coins” & “Army Ants”

  1. MrTmn2401 says:

    Yeap, et nyt band indtager scenen. Absolut på tide.

  2. poululla says:

    hey din bror hedder david gør han ikke det??? og david,s søn hedder nicklas er det ikke rigtig fordi jeg er beste venner med david,s søn

  3. bradsolid says:

    it really has an incredible background sound

  4. rungestol says:

    Føj for satan hvor er i fede!!!!!

  5. nigtox says:


  6. BlackOhioSky says:

    This is epic

  7. Siegfriedthe2nd says:

    WACKEN 2012!!!

  8. zudrittincux says:

    Deichbrand  2012

  9. Søren Hitchinson says:

    Roskilde Festival 2012!!

  10. dasnicopb says:

    auf mehren Festivals dieses Jahr!

  11. lou2317 says:

    Savner jer <3

  12. Etymologe says:

    Kellermensch are so big! When they are play in Germany??

  13. christoffer Jyden Jespersen says:


  14. Henrik Hebsgaard says:

    30 silver coins have to be the best rock ballad for years. At least for me 🙂
    They warm my melancholic heart.

  15. quallilein says:

    Hab sie live in Berlin gesehen, als Vorband von Evanescence, habe mir auf Anhieb sehr gut gefallen 🙂

  16. Kristian Brink Niese-Petersen says:

    jeg er bare glad for at jeg bor her i esbjerg og kender et par af gutterne 😀

  17. SiRROUND says:

    Ha! I was there 2! Live performance was awesome indeed! Greets from Holland.

  18. HerrBaerenhart says:

    i saw them in berlin, last sunday. it was great. the live-sound is amazing.

  19. Søren Stig says:

    Det er SÅ ufattelig fedt det her! Esbjerg is on the map! Kellermench, TFIMOL, Jønke og, ja man kan jo blive ved!
    Skål i lunken kaffepuch!!

  20. Metallicjoe says:

    best band ever…

  21. Jmerc204 says:

    “Not Even Chris Barnes Will Suck Your Dick” -Seth Putnam of Anal Cunt

  22. CrimsonVadmanage says:

    these guys are extremely cool =)

  23. jimbean954 says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I hope they come to Canada, preferably Ontario

  24. zudrittincux says:

    wie geil ist das denn!?

  25. Nadav Schneider says:

    freakin awsome
    i think this 30 silver live is better than the EP

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