Metal Detecting Gothic Silver Coins: Garrett AT Pro. | Silver Coins

Metal Detecting Gothic Silver Coins: Garrett AT Pro.

Our visit to the ruins of an 1869 Overland Telegraph Station turns up some fabulous coins and relics. A beautiful 1881 Halfpenny, a quantity of 19th Century …

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25 Responses to Metal Detecting Gothic Silver Coins: Garrett AT Pro.

  1. NQExplorers says:

    Thanks for your great comment Wal – the Florins were a real surprise from that site. Happy Prospecting to you and Liz – keep up the great videos. Warren.

  2. NQExplorers says:

    Thanks for watching Tel, always appreciate your input mate. HH! Warren.

  3. NQExplorers says:

    Thanks for your great comment Dan, much appreciated mate – all the best and HH! Warren.

  4. NQExplorers says:

    Thanks for your great comment as always Ausgoldhunter – always appreciate your feedback and input mate – all the best of luck and Happy Prospecting! Warren.

  5. NQExplorers says:

    Thanks for your great comment Mt T – amazing that those coins would even be there – not sure what the blokes at the remote Telegraph Station would be spending them on anyway? As you suggest – probably a drunken game of cards LOL. HH mate! Warren.

  6. NQExplorers says:

    Appreciate your comment Jerry – all the best and HH! Warren.

  7. NQExplorers says:

    Always appreciate your comments Terry – Happy Hunting mate! Warren.

  8. NQExplorers says:

    Thanks for watching and commenting Glen – all the best mate and HH! Warren.

  9. rollinstoned0 says:

    great intro and fantastic video! I love the histpry, thank you for sharing. GL&HH

  10. Als AllMetalDetecting says:

    Great video as always Warren. I liked the LZ in the beginning. Showing our age a bit.
    Peace out,

  11. ArcturanMegadonkey says:

    nice old halpenny Warren, for 1881 it’s in amazing condition.
    loads of buttons, you really are mastering that AT-pro.
    beautiful gothic florin, I am still yet to find a silver florin…it’ll come one day and then another!! the owner that lost those must’ve been in tears!
    interesting to see the cemetery as well.
    great video as always

  12. OLDGOLD1100 says:

    Two Gothic Florins, I bet you’ll never forget the day you found those two little beauties. What a rush!!, finding those. I feel sorry for the person that dropped them and I bet they never forgot the day they lost them. The button with the lighthouse ship and what looked like birds on it was very neat, I wish they all looked like that lol. Great video, well done matey.
    All the best!!.

  13. rustogilly says:

    Another cracking video . Thank you sharing. 

  14. IrocOn2 says:

    How about Thursday? I let you know which one. LOL Cheers Ian. HH

  15. NQExplorers says:

    Ian, your dual comments, comprehensive and dignified – once again defy a worth response. Thank you for your accolades – Colleen and I are fortunate to live an an area of Oz which though only lately settled (1876) – offers a great variety of historical detecting locations which by their remote location are seldom discovered or visited – few have seen a metal detector. We hope that one day you can visit us and we can head ‘bush’ on a hunt together! HH mate! Warren.

  16. IrocOn2 says:

    Warren, I posted a comment 8hrs ago. Since then I have had some ‘quite time’ to reflect and think about what actually happened. You got 2 Gothic Florins – same hole. I realise now – that I have been in shock for 8 hrs. The stupendous enormity if this dual Holy Grail find – has to equal the recent Holy Grail find by your very own Mrs NQ. The dynamic duo of Mrs & Mrs NQ are now in a league inhabited by very few. Inspirational stuff for all involved in the great hobby. Take a bow. Cheers GL & HH

  17. MrVollenberg says:

    Great hunt and history as always Warren. Congrats on the Gothic Florins. beautiful landscape you are good to find the best places I love to see it. well done. GL & HH

  18. IrocOn2 says:

    Warren – I have just returned from a couple of days up north and first thing I see is this video from NQExplorers. I feel like getting back in the car..and heading north again but this time a couple of thousand extra Klm’s – to far NQ. I’m not going comment on how awesome the video was or how unbelievable the finding of the 2 Florins was..rather – I just want to say you’re the right bloke to do these videos in the style and locations you do. OMD Order of Metal Detecting is yours. GL & HH Ian

  19. JoeDiggzInPA says:

    Fantastic hunt Warren and congrats on that Florin spill. Well done! The time and research you put into your hunt sites is really impressive and certainly pays off! Already looking forward to your next video. Thanks for taking us along.

  20. Daddydigger1 says:

    What an awesome video Warren! GREAT editing too. Congrats on the Gothic Florins. I’ve seen the UK guys dig those on occasion but never two in one hole! When you showed them to Colleen was she still looking at her gold coin! LOL. Perhaps you could make a video showing us some of your best finds? I would be very interested to see your collection. Best wishes and HH, Dave.

  21. Willo's Australian coin, relic and gold detecting says:

    Great stuff Warren – I have still to find an English Florin, did a hunt at the south coast today, 1 Vicky penny, 1899, 1870 sixpences, 1883 and 1889 threepences. happy with that.Ian

  22. Detecting History says:

    Talk about tinny, that’s crazy mate!
    You couldn’t hope for a much better day than that.
    Great hunt and history as always. HH! Ash & Danni.

  23. mick tebb says:

    as always great video mate, love the history that you put into them

  24. john24gold1 . says:

    excellent work mate! love the gothic florins! still yet to find a florin older than 1900

  25. uw1955 says:

    Excellent research, finds and video Warren! Always enjoy your full of history packed videos.
    Greetings from Berlin to the both of you.


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