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Silver Investing- Junk Silver coins VS Bullion

Silver talk with SilvermakingmeRich.

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15 Responses to Silver Investing- Junk Silver coins VS Bullion

  1. Mealane8swof says:

    Silver is a soft metal, which means that it must be alloyed with another metal for use in products requiring a hard material. Copper, therefore is added to the metal.

  2. SilvermakingmeRICH says:

    Thanks for checking out my video! Pretty big stack for someone your age! Nice job! Best way to get the word out is talking to people about silver. Check out Chris Duane’s Channel TruthNeverTold – AMAZING! As far as numis, I like to get my hands on these when they come out, getting them as close to spot as possible. Then I”ll wait a year, keep a few, sell the rest for a profit, put it back into silver. That’s how I do it. But Kooks are good, very low mintage! Premiums are high but risk/reward..

  3. silver john says:

    hi mate nice video cheers for this i just starting investing with my family in 2012
    iam age 12 and my little sister is 8 we have bought 4 one kg bars hope to have about 13 kg by the end of the year we question is that how do we get the message out to people to invest in silver hope fully wipe out the 7 million once world wide then you gonna see silver hit 1 to 10 with gold and also would you think kookbura coin numis is better then bars cheers

  4. EthanJM says:

    Try to get your hands on silver dimes if you can. I have 47 of them, 14 mercury, 1 barber, 2 canadian, a 50 centimes if you count it, the rest obviously Roosevelt. About 3.4 troy ounces of pure silver there, and got them all around melt value. I keep all my small silver coins in a pill bottle, don’t want to deal with individually casing all of them. I bet I could sell them individually and get way more than melt down value if I wanted for numismatic value alone.

  5. SilvermakingmeRICH says:

    They’re mixed together to come with the 100% It’s not a separate 90% of silver and a pocket of 10% copper, I believe they do this to make the metals stronger. Thanks for the view!

  6. SynthEnslaved says:

    iv been wondering where the 10% copper is. is it on the inside, outside or is it mixed in?

  7. SilvermakingmeRICH says:

    It all depends on what you’re buying silver for. If you’re buying for investment, bullion is a good way to go, if you’re just trying to invest in silver and don’t have a budget to buy 1,10 or 100oz bars, junk silver is a good way to go. When it comes down to it, silver is silver, and any type you buy will be investing in silver. Keep stacking!

  8. bobcanbeatyou says:

    should i buy junk silver or bullion?

  9. SilvermakingmeRICH says:

    tax on silver….. go figure…. only the government would want tax on EVERYTHING

  10. SilvermakingmeRICH says:

    Yea I’ll have to check into how to do that…. thanks for the view!

  11. ArgentPure says:

    Nice video! Great additions!

  12. blai745 says:

    I would rather have more silver than have a half dollar that is worth 25 bucks in paper..

  13. oldtimefreedom says:

    nice video, but make it ‘landscape’ next time if you can….

  14. SilvermakingmeRICH says:

    Completely agree, there’s a lot of people that are unable to buy silver in their local shops, so they go to eBay, which shows how large the demand for physical silver is. I haven’t bought any bullion on eBay in awhile just because of the high prices, but coins are another story! Thanks for the comment! Keep stacking!

  15. fieryphoenixe says:

    Yeah man, junk silver is so cheap now, barely over spot price, it’s almost like a secret. Where as the pure .999 silver, you’ll be fightin’ people on ebay cause it’s like a jungle on there right now. And I just bought some Franklins on Provident Metals super cheap too. As you say, silver is silver.

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