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Silver US Coins Pocket Change: Valuable Silver In Your Pockets

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25 Responses to Silver US Coins Pocket Change: Valuable Silver In Your Pockets

  1. razzor1981 says:

    great reference vid ….u just gained a sub

  2. Kevin Rayburn says:

    Means you are out of luck and have been ‘trolled’. I find them a lot. Only silver pocket I’ve found was a recent ’64 Dime.

  3. Kevin Rayburn says:

    You know how? Oh wait, let me speak your ‘language’. u don no hm so wht mak u thnk tht.

  4. Kevin Rayburn says:

    I actually am collecting all pennies under 1959 ( Wheat pennies ) and have a separate bag of copper pennies ( 1969-1982 ) and could be worth around 1.75 cents each, not sure the copper value, but they have copper value. Theres special ones perhaps as well.

  5. Kevin Rayburn says:

    It is for pennies, not sure about nickels, though nickels would be pointless unless you want zinc. You can actually melt down coins for silver value although most have some extra value and I would sell them to a coin store.

  6. Kevin Rayburn says:

    Nothing silver. Nickels don’t follow the 64 rules.

  7. Kevin Rayburn says:

    I was looking through some change and found a ’64 Rosie Dime.

  8. isaiah levy says:

    look it up at cointrackers

  9. ErnestoVIDS69 says:

    Is a 1961 penny good

  10. Nathan Rhodes says:

    I have a 1964 nickel does anybody know what the melt value of it might be?

  11. Abhishek Guha Roy says:

    Isn’t it illegal to melt them ???

  12. gayanm900 says:

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  13. EpicRV says:

    Great stuff! Just started stacking myself.  Love making and watching videos about this kind of stuff! Thanks for the motivation!

  14. marvelousmarv89 says:

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  15. Soulman1282 says:

    Damn. I clicked on the vid for the information, but didn’t expect the eye candy. BONUS!

  16. MUDSWAT says:

    Your a liar and your facts are wrong…
    I’ve been searching my change for years and years…..
    You will never find a Walker in change let alone a Franklin… Merc. possible pre 64 Washington sure np but… That 1974 Ike has ZERO % silver in it !! You only find silver in the special mint Ike minted in 1971-1972 with the S mint mark !! If your going to tell EVERYONE and loose what you may have had a chance to find. At least me right about your FACTS !!

  17. BeanMeister22 says:

    Not all at the same time. I just always make it a point to look at all my change, and I inspect all the paper money to see if any are Star Notes or Radar Notes. Because I always look, I think it may increase my chances of finding cool stuff.

  18. BeanMeister22 says:

    Thanks for subbing, I subbed ya back 🙂

  19. sanpedrosilver says:

    Subbed your channel ! Thanks !

  20. Daniel guy says:

    o cours u didnt find a fuckig waking liberty half in your hange dumass

  21. AwesomeINWrestler says:

    what about a 1965 us quarter

  22. Mansand900 says:

    so gold has not really gone up paper has be come inflated and prices rise in paper dollars not silver they stay the same in silver and gold never change the only thing that changes is the paper money loosing value

  23. Mansand900 says:

    more silver buys more fiat money after that exvhange is complete then you can buy gold coins for just 200 dollars in silver and it acutlly cost 2000 dollars in paper to buy gold so i would rather get 2000 silver dimes for 200 dollars tell a friend to hoard them for me then i will sell them for 1 dollar each and make 2000 dolllars then go out and buy a 50 dollar gold coin for just under 200 dollars inflation is why gold cost more in paper but in silver it cost way less

  24. Mansand900 says:

    acutlly its 200 dollars but in inflated money it will cost 2000

  25. Mansand900 says:

    for only 500 dollars

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