DO NOT BUY SILVER BULLION COINS Do not buy silver! Do not buy Silver Coins! Do not buy bullion! Do not invest one red cen…
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  1. Rick Calvin says:

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  2. ralphg63 says:

    JP Morgan troll posing as a country bumpkin

  3. DonKuan says:

    One thing I do agree is to make sure you are totally debt free before getting yourself into PM. You need to free yourself from the debt based society before you can free yourself from the fascism monetary system.

    It is pretty obvious that the Fed is going to kill the dollar with QE infinity, you need some PM to hedge against that outcome.

  4. harris martin says:

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  5. badboytomas says:


  6. 25Newengland says:

    i plan on buying alot of silver soon just to have something of value during the collaps of cizilization, we re not gonna be able to trade your 50 inch and ipads for food, and plus this is my way of spending my money on something that i know will not fund the very corparations that are trying to enslave us, without your money they will become powerless

  7. Hoverbot1TV says:

    It was near $5 only 12 years ago mining is as fixed as the markets.

  8. Christopher B says:

    If and when the dollar collapses silver may become a temporary or permanent currency. To say the least the world needs silver and if the dollar collapses it will be use full to no one. So you definitely wont be getting an oz for $5.

  9. LaMaestra2102 says:

    I buy silver because I’m addicted to it. I don’t know anyone else that buys it. I agree, though, it’s a long term investment. Even though there are fluctuations, eventually, when the dollar, euro and yuan fail = and they will..the smaller fluctuations will turn to a large incline. At that point people will get a large ROI because silver is used in so many things and because there’s a shortage of it. Gold is still a commodity..but not an investment like silver because it’s not used as much

  10. Hoverbot1TV says:

    Good vid,
    If any economic crisis occurs as in many countries coins old and new will be spot and since industrial use will decrease dramatically the value will be back at $5.oz for all those Maple leaves. To sell collector coins as an investment is just stoopid and taking advantage of people’s insecurity. Just like $1000. stamps worth a loaf of bread in troubled times.

  11. MagpieMimi1 says:

    I see it only as a potential worst case scenario for emergencies to have silver, gold or diamonds in case up currency collapse. It is very volatile and one should do the research because there is way to many crooks out there. Inflation is rising so it is best to do your homework.

  12. Hepaidformysin says:

    The Fed reserve’s dollar is the BOSS; the Mafia and CIA works for them - Dah.

  13. 12OunceProphet says:

    LOL !!!!!!!!!! This comment is PURE SILVER…errr i mean …GOLD

  14. Ryan Privee says:

    He’s right if you have any kind of debt to not buy silver…..but if the economy gets worse,and it probably will with Obama still president, then it’s wise to invest in precious metals in case the dollar loses value. India, as poor as it is, has a stockpile of gold and China is gobbling metals too.

  15. Ryan Privee says:

    LOL, He’s right if you have any kind of debt to not buy silver…..but if the economy gets worse,and it probably will with Obama still president, then it’s wise to invest in precious metals in case the dollar loses value. India, as poor as it is, has a stockpile of gold and China is gobbling metals too.

  16. Ryan Privee says:

    Beware of all the fake silver online too, especially on Ebay coming out of China. Anything that says “Tibetan”, “Alpaca”, “Miao”, “German” in front of the “silver” is not silver nor sterling, it’s mixed junk metals that resemble silver. Also, beware, not all jewelry stamped 925 is silver, there are fakes coming out of China and Thailand and other countries where they use nickel or silver plate or rhodium plate junk metals and stamped it 925, look for a maker’s mark or country stamp at least.

  17. edwin bernardo says:

    Julius , Now I think you are my modern ”Julius Ceasar” All that you’ve said is really make a lot of sense, I just did started buying ‘ Siver’ and you’r exactly right , when you need a quick ‘buck’ it doesn’t at all to bail you out . Thank you ! for the last 3 months I did spent my most money buying and collecting silver. Your helping people more than you know Mr. Julius ..Thank you again!

  18. 87Stecat says:

    Yes think for yourself, yes pay off your debt 1st, it will go to the moon soon my friend, silver & gold dollar collapse -youtube.

  19. salomoneh says:

    Even if silver doesnt go up its just another buying opportunity. Buy low, sell high and make a lot of money. Keep a stash in case in goes to the moon, which I think it will once the dollar starts to collapse.

  20. salomoneh says:

    I dont think people should pay attention to the dollar index. It just compares the value of the dollar to other worthless paper fiat currencies. This dollar wont be here for long.

  21. toojohnny says:

    Apparently this guy has a whole series of these “why not to’s”

    Why not to get married
    Why not to buy a house
    Why not to buy a car
    Why not to have children
    Why not to eat food
    Why not to live

    Check ’em all out!

  22. Gary Schultz says:

    I’ve thought about what you said in this video. I’ve come to conclusion that you think too much and should probably look for gainful employment.

  23. ZeroPermissionTwo says:

    Comex is pure manipulation. When currency wars/trade wars begin, there will be a large demand for any type of long-kept bullion.

  24. 6630mcdo says:

    It seems land is the best investment. I’ve seen several people not sell and Wal-Greens and Wal-Mart are paying them $20,000 per month.

  25. 6630mcdo says:

    Over half of grads can’t find work and have around $100,000 in debt between 4-8% interest.

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