#2 2013 Three Trips Metal Detecting The Old Park For Silver Coins & Tons Of Wheat Cents | Silver Coins

#2 2013 Three Trips Metal Detecting The Old Park For Silver Coins & Tons Of Wheat Cents

I got to do some metal detecting this past week three different times for about 3 hours each time or less. All three hunts are in an old pounded out park in …
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25 Responses to #2 2013 Three Trips Metal Detecting The Old Park For Silver Coins & Tons Of Wheat Cents

  1. gee07060 says:

    I live in Somerville. I hunted in my yard last night with the thing and pulled a merc over an area I hit with my 250. This thing is great! I took the time to read up on it before I bought it and I’m glad I did. Made learning the machine much easier.

  2. JerseyMetalDetector says:

    Im glad you got the etrack you will never want to use a different machine again. Mine was the Ace 150 before my etrack last year and I dont know how I did it. Now you can hit parks and not dig every piece of garbage and get much more silver. What part of NJ you from. I live in Hoboken.

  3. gee07060 says:

    Nice hunt! I just got my etrac a few days ago, loaded a couple different programs and hit up parks I already hunted with my 250 and pulling silver! Lots of old parks here in central jersey. I’m working on a couple old victorian homes now.

  4. JerseyMetalDetector says:

    So true, I used a Garret 150 before the etrack and i could never go back again. A good detector makes all the difference. GL on your hunts, its a great hobby.

  5. okmetaldetecting says:

    I just started using a Fisher and it finds things my old metal detector won’t even pick up!

  6. JerseyMetalDetector says:

    Thanks, Got some more I got to post.

  7. JerseyMetalDetector says:

    Thats so true about never hunted out. Every angle has a different signal and conditions of ground. Just got to find the old spots and swing and see what you can find. HH

  8. okmetaldetecting says:

    That is a hot spot with all of those wheaties! I’m convinced that theres really no such thing as a spot being hunted out.

  9. DigginKy says:

    And vids

  10. DigginKy says:

    As always great hunts

  11. JerseyMetalDetector says:

    Lol thats good. Wild crazy night for them…

  12. karomarkus says:

    5:39 The result of a hot night between a drunk bald eagle and daisy duck… poor thing, he´s not going to have it easy in school.

  13. JerseyMetalDetector says:

    Thanks Wayne. This park I got a large Cent and Barber dime. Thats it so far for oldies. My god are you guys on an oldie spot like I never seen at a park before. I hope to come down sometime before summer ends. The sooner the better but its a real far drive. Got to plan something when weather breaks more.

  14. DJorgie76 says:

    Is it a duck?…is it a goose?…LMFAO!!!

  15. MrPalamino1 says:

    Hey nice finds and was wondering when your coming for a hunt. We will get you some old coins but i am sure that there are old coins in that park as well. GL HH

  16. JerseyMetalDetector says:

    Thanks. Got a few more things today there. Small coil maybe? I dont know much about them. Why you want to get rid of it? How much? I hope you can get out to detect soon with the weather.

  17. JerseyMetalDetector says:

    Maybe 1910 thats when park was established. But a five minute walk is a road from 1600s and used path back than all along these areas. Thats about all I know.

  18. WalterPesce says:

    Do you know how old the stonework dates back to?

  19. silverhunter61 says:

    Great spot you’ve got there!! Keep hitting it Frank theres more to be found.Congrats on the silvers & wheats.A small coil might be good there.Ive got one I’am going to get rid of if you are interested let me know.It’s a 6×8 SEF….GL & HH

  20. JerseyMetalDetector says:

    Thanks Coop, Thats basicly it glad to be out. March and April are great months to detect by you with all the fields. I hope you get out today and snatch a bunch of good relics. GL I hope you dont get hit with the snow tomm, not sure if its heading your way.

  21. sscindercoop says:

    Glad your able to get out!!!!! I hope to do some detecting today. Best of luck to ya on your next hunt.

  22. JerseyMetalDetector says:

    Thanks, they take time to find the good spots.

  23. JerseyMetalDetector says:

    Thank you for watching.

  24. JerseyMetalDetector says:

    Thank you, I dont find to many Wheats compared to most so this spot is a good old spot for me. Just hope to see more silver come from it. Found last two in same hole by re working the spot very slowly. You always mis thats why things are never pounded out. HH

  25. JerseyMetalDetector says:

    Thanks and ya chicken duck made me laugh and ive seen him there for years. Think there is two of them. This is the second spot I found like this in the park, other was better for silver. But it takes a lot of finding crap spots over and over before I found these two. As you know its hard to find the good spots. Now I want some older coins and relics so need a few knew spots soon. Hope your enjoying down South life..

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