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2013 Proof American Platinum Eagle

These days, July 18, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will start sales of the 2013 Proof American Platinum Eagle. This will represent the fifth release inside a six coin series featuring the core ideas of American democracy as discovered in the Preamble to the Constitution. This year&#8217s style represents the concept &#8220To Market the Common Welfare&#8221.


The reverse style by Joel Iskowitz attributes a depiction of Young America looking towards the future. The background of the image includes 3 interlocking gears, intended to symbolize the interconnection of energy among the states and national government. A single of the gears is adorned with thirteen stars. Inscriptions are placed in a circular border, which also contains an American Eagle privy mark from an original coin punch identified at the Philadelphia Mint.

As discussed in a preceding post, inside the design candidate evaluation phase, the Commission of Fine Arts had suggested an alternate version of the design without having the three gears in the background, although the Citizens Coinage Advisory had advised the version with the gears. The authority to make the final choice rested with the Secretary of the Treasury, who opted for the gears design.

Even though the addition of the gears makes for a considerably busier design and style, it does seem to a lot more closely represent the narrative which inspired the coin. The styles for all releases of this series are indicated as inspired by narratives prepared by Chief Justice John G. Roberts, which offer interpretation and colour on every concept. The narrative for &#8220To Promote the Common Welfare&#8221 appears on an inner section of the tri-fold binder containing the coin, and can really be read by making use of the zoom function for the image incorporated on the product page.


Previously, I had suggested that the design may possibly operate greater if the US Mint utilized their new laser frosting technologies to use a different level of frosting for Young America and the gears. The photos do not appear to show any differentiation, nevertheless the US Mint&#8217s item photos haven&#8217t truly provided a reputable indication of how coins will look in hand. Shown above is a side-by-side of the 2013 5-Star Generals Silver Dollar solution image and scan of an actual coin.

Back to the coin at hand, the 2013 Proof Platinum Eagle carries a maximum mintage of 15,000. There is an initial ordering limit of 5 coins per household.

The maximum mintage is established at the very same level utilized for the 2011 and 2012-dated releases. Reduced limits of 10,000 and 12,000 pieces had been used for the 2009 and 2010-dated releases. At the moment, the 2012-dated coin remains obtainable and has sold 9,595 out of the 15,000 limit.

Pricing for the coin is $ 1,800, which is based on an average market place price tag of platinum within the $ 1,400 to $ 1,449.99 range. This price could be adjusted as frequently as weekly primarily based on the marketplace value of the metal.


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