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Counterfeit Silver Coin Detection (SKB COINS) This video is to help fellow coin Collectors and Sellers SPOT FAKE COINS! With Spot Silver prices rising to 20.00 an ou…
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24 Responses to Counterfeit Silver Coin Detection (SKB COINS)

  1. AmRtIn M says:

    great video, thickness and density compensates each other and there is no way the Chinese can hide both characteristics, not yet.
    DO NOT buy silver/gold coins from the internet!

  2. Scott Boothby says:

    Wow, I can hardly believe it, but with Silver prices 30-50 and ounce, there is profit and the Chinese will fake anything! They have even been know to make…fake EGGS! Knowledge and education is the only way to combat this!

  3. 666nonbeliever says:

    The Chinese must have read your comment I got a 1964 dime in my change 2 weeks ago and it was a fake.

  4. Gerrit Harteveld says:

    To test you could also measure the weight in water using a digital spring scale, even when it weighs te same the thicker coin displaces more water so it weighs less in water.

  5. Scott Boothby says:

    Thanks a bunch,

  6. EquipmentReviewer says:

    Great video

  7. rocky315w says:

    why not just rub it and acid test it. I thought they would only bother to fake the really rarer years, nice to know they’ll fake anything. thanks

  8. john galt says:

    god point thankx

  9. Scott Boothby says:

    If you get worn Roosevelt or Mercury dimes you are 99.9999% safe, but consider this…
    The Chinese reading this right now play off the marked, so what is safe today may not be tomorrow!

  10. john galt says:

    so fake constitutions silver may exist… hmmm. from your answer im assuming its just “collector” grade.. not necessarily junk silver? ive purposely strayed away from coins that are regularly faked..

  11. Scott Boothby says:

    Yes…lots of fake quarters now…
    dimes still seem safe for some reason, but if Silver remains higher and prices go up on bullion in 2013…There will be fake dimes as well.
    I have seen fake older pre-1899 fake dimes, but not for bullion/junk

  12. john galt says:

    have you seen fake quarters dimes? i did some web searches but turned up nothing 

  13. 012345678501 says:

    Take a PROPANE TORCH. LOW HEAT. Get the coin ORANGE hot. A fake silver will run off the OUTSIDE and turn BLACK. Works EVERY time. To hell with “ping test” Get it ORANGE hot. No hotter. Just a slight orange color. The fakes turn BLACK on the outside. Real silver coins become nice and shine just like new again. Don’t put them in cold water. Just cool it by air. You’ll be happy with this test. Works EVERY time. Even 90% coins———

  14. whitebird77 says:

    sir, what if the gold or silver bars are having an iron or copper core, how r u going to test it or to know its fake?

  15. auxmike says:

    Never go by weight or sound, only by a specific gravity test!

  16. LordDirus007 says:

    China Fail

  17. samichpower says:

    i have a 1993 quarter and it is magnetic and the edge is flat like a nickle and the design stands out more than any other 1993 quarter that i have. can someone please tell me if its fake

  18. Scott Boothby says:

    You can tell if you look at the wear. if they are worn smooth they will still be around 24 grams…even with all detail gone.
    One thing to keep in mind is they can’t really make worn coins…It’s tough for them to do.
    They use dies and equipment and they leave an impression. If the impression is too worn they look funny.
    I hope this helps,

  19. preachkjv says:

    How much lighter will a genuine Morgan or Peace weigh if it has some wear on it? For example a coin that you would buy as “junk”? Thanks.

  20. Drew IsTeen says:

    i have a 1886 Morgan Dollar in about the middle of mint and fine condition

  21. Scott Boothby says:

    I know for a fact that the Chinese Counterfeiters that produce top fakes use government equipment. Much of it was purchased long ago when many of the mints closed or got newer equipment. The dies are engraved via a computer.
    The government isn’t in on this type of faking of money…
    Just the FIAT fakes they print off themselves 🙂

  22. TheHeretic2011 says:

    I have a fake silver eagle (2010) that looks so good, I can’t imagine it was made with less than original dies. IMHO the gov is helping the chinese make the fakes..


    I have some vids on testing fake silver. Chk out my silver slide. Keep up the good fight against FAKE EBAY COINS!!!

  24. artifactman660 says:

    yea i use my metal detector, it shows the conductivity of different metals and works pretty good.

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