INCREDIBLE Treasure Hunt at the Bank – Rare Investment Coins and Silver Finds! | Silver Coins

INCREDIBLE Treasure Hunt at the Bank – Rare Investment Coins and Silver Finds!

Thanks for watching my first video. Quick recap coin roll hunting US cents and half dollars. Some incredible finds as you will see, including a really nice c…
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24 Responses to INCREDIBLE Treasure Hunt at the Bank – Rare Investment Coins and Silver Finds!

  1. hailherrosner says:

    P.S. Don’t handle coins from the top and bottom, hold them from the reeded edges, especially that commemorative San Diego silver half dollar, otherwise your just causing wear on the coins, just a tip!!

  2. Phoenix Picker says:

    Did you just have the bank order the half dollars from the mint?

  3. BlueRidgeSilverhound says:

    @ImCorruptYT you’re right, there have been countless high mint state examples that have been touched by human hands.

  4. ImCorruptYT says:

    not true… not true at all….

  5. BlueRidgeSilverhound says:

    Thanks a bunch, this was one of my first videos and it was actually done with an old HTC phone that was stuck on black & white. I think I’ll do another video revisiting my first couple videos.

  6. drmarosen says:

    Wow! finding a San D. Commem Half in a roll, that’s a first for me!
    To bad B&W Low res, would like to have seen that coin you found.
    Thank you for posting.

  7. 47485ksc says:

    Once they touch human hands and/or another coin, they are no longer “uncirculated”.

  8. BlueRidgeSilverhound says:

    I wish I had some extras, they are all ending up in my personal collection.

  9. Oaklandraiders126 says:

    Dude I was wondering if u have any classic commems for sale/trade? Because you always find them in CRH

  10. fhfhfhfh45 says:

    halves are the best top look through bc of the fact no one sues them and they sit in the vault at a reserve

  11. fhfhfhfh45 says:

    i found a 1996 oylmpic one right before the games this summer.
    i look through pennys and halves too. found a few walking one 1937 s best find in the halves

  12. BlueRidgeSilverhound says:

    That was a sweet find man, one of my most memorable coin roll acquisitions to date. I do reroll all the other stuff I don’t need and simply return them to my designated “dump bank”. Thanks for watching!

  13. bcgrote says:

    OMG, I want that San Diego coin! That’s a sweet find, you can get full price IN San Diego for that!

    What a fun way to treasure hunt! Do you just reroll the “normal” coins and deposit them to your own account afterwards?

  14. rosieisaposie says:



  15. BlueRidgeSilverhound says:

    I figured not, it’s just hard to please everyone 🙂

  16. osa bear says:

    i dont ether

  17. BlueRidgeSilverhound says:

    I would but we don’t live in England 😉 It drives me nuts too, but the correct term among the “diehard” collectors is cents.

  18. BlueRidgeSilverhound says:

    For a full box there is $100 face.

  19. ScheissKopf667 says:

    No. Only 1942-1945. They have a D, P, or S on the back at the top

  20. jason smith says:


  21. David Morris says:

    Is there any silver in 1964 nickles?

  22. johnaldridge740 says:

    hey man i wanted to tell you the bag marks and nicks don’t make it ( not mint state ) trust me i know what im talking about, but you handling them without coton gloves will make them not mint state by a grader, bag nicks were common back in the 60’s and even during the morgans and back as fasr as hell all of them really, they use to put them in bags and thats why there called bag nioks, but they dont have any effect on a coin as to wether its mint state or not.

  23. osa bear says:

    cant u just say pennies -_-

  24. iLookforCoins says:

    How much are the nickel boxes?

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