Testing the Diamagnetic Properties of Silver Coins (Is Silver Magnetic?) | Silver Coins

Testing the Diamagnetic Properties of Silver Coins (Is Silver Magnetic?)

This video shows simple testing done on various coins to determine the usefulness of a strong magnet in determining if a coin contains silver or not. After w…

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7 Responses to Testing the Diamagnetic Properties of Silver Coins (Is Silver Magnetic?)

  1. aMqrius says:

    The difference is that eddy currents only occur for a moving magnetic field, while diamagnetism also pops up for stationary magnetic fields.

  2. d6Mariah956 says:

    it’s unique.

  3. laudofirsbalri says:

    just awesome!

  4. james Nessler says:

    be careful this will make your copper pennies disappear.

  5. John ym says:

    Actually, a larger neodymium magnet (say, 1″+ wide) is a fair test of silver. Drop a silver coin on top of the magnet so it lands flat and watch how it softly settles onto the magnet.
    Alternately, lay the coin on a table, lay the magnet on top of that, then lift the magnet quickly and see how well/long the coin sticks to the magnet. If you are consistent with the speed of lift, then you can measure the point before the coin drops off to determine purity of silver

  6. John ym says:

    Silver is the most conductive material. “Scientificpages” is right, it’s an “eddy current” effect. The passing magnet induces current through the silver, which generates a momentary magnet, which repulses the magnet – that’s why the swinging magnet bounces up and away from the coin, then it gets somewhat caught in the middle of the maget-generated “ring” of the coin. Slide your magnet down a copper tube, you’ll really see the effect, if it were a silver tube it’d be even more intense

  7. scientificpages says:

    That’s not diamagnetism! Movement of magnet causes eddy current in coins which produces magnetic field and attract magnet. Silver is very good conductor so the current will be greatest. Check my video about diamagnetism. Take care!

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