Metal Detecting March 15th 2013 – LIVE DIGS – 5 Silver Coins, Austrian Money & More! =) | Silver Coins

Metal Detecting March 15th 2013 – LIVE DIGS – 5 Silver Coins, Austrian Money & More! =)

Just went to a local spot I’ve hunted about 5 times before to swing a little bit before the sun went down. I would have been happy with a single wheat penny….
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25 Responses to Metal Detecting March 15th 2013 – LIVE DIGS – 5 Silver Coins, Austrian Money & More! =)

  1. Eric Rose says:

    i found one of them astria coins also.. but it was on top of the ground where i found it lol

  2. Miller Shaffer says:

    the 2nd thing was a beltbuckl

  3. Guy Law says:

    Nice hunt. I really enjoy your videos. Thanks.

  4. nerd101ification says:

    What kind of probe do you have because im thinking of buying one but i dont know where to start. Thanks

  5. JDsCoins says:

    Yeah, I’ve really found some odd foreign stuff since I started detecting. Now that I think about it that’s the same spot I dug that mowered Mexican coin, it was 1954 just like the Austrian coin. 2 rosies, 2 mercs and a washington is 16.25 grams, but doing the parks I’m not finding any old or rare silver worth more than melt. I honestly don’t know how those all popped up at the same time. LOL. I’ll trade you a 5 silver day for a large cent! =D SWAP, okay, let’s just hope that worked!

  6. trkrtreasurehunter says:

    Circle of flowers and sunsets!! Daylight savings time rules! Man you find some crazy foreign coins. Very nice silvers. It is real easy to type that now! LOL! What was that , half ounce of silver or more?. How do you do it? See you Jon.

  7. TreasureJack says:

    CrazySilverDigger should be your screen name. Keep it up and you can open your own Coin Store lol. The item you found could perhaps be the bus plaque off of the bus itself. From the look of the bus, it is obviously old

  8. JDsCoins says:

    Hey, It’s no problem. I can tell your questions were sincere and that you really want to learn. Happy Hunting!

  9. BJ Holliday says:

    Awesome! I know your a busy man, but I do really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions! Its always good to have some one that has been there to take the time to help others!

  10. JDsCoins says:

    There’s many other things you can do. That’s just a few of the basic ways I research all the time. You just have to get creative. Remember, google is your friend. Just start searching your area or the history behind it and you never know what you’ll come up with. I’ve found hunting spots by accident before. And if you’re not sure about a site use google satellite to get an idea what the space is like. I go to the spots that looks like the best hunting conditions first.

  11. JDsCoins says:

    As for research there’s no 100% answer. I drive around older spots and sometimes ideas or opportunity pops up for me to look into or ask permission. I’m hunting a lot of public property right now because I’m new to the area. If you want to hunt a public spot type the streets in google that run by it. Then use zillow, trulia….etc to get an estimate on the ages of the homes around it. Also, pull up the oldest maps of your area you can find to see where stuff was back in the day.

  12. JDsCoins says:

    For my 2nd detector I bought a Garrett GTI-2500 and hated it, so I sent it back. Then I got a whites M6, which is a decent machine but It’s incredibly loud and has no volume control, plus it just wasn’t picking up quarters past about 4 inches unless you listened for tiny faint signals. Then I watched a lot of youtube videos and made the switch to the e-trac, and I’ll never go back. Just maybe in the future upgrade to a CTX and keep the e-trac as backup (I love the probe with the e-trac)

  13. BJ Holliday says:

    What kind of re-search do you do to find the places you detect?

  14. Les Bell says:

    very nice vid much luck and h.h

  15. cgmillay . says:

    Nice day and nice hunt JD! Congrats on the silver! Have you checked out the spot on historicaerials(dot com) to maybe find out what was there before? Copper thing might be a belt buckle for an old bus driver with his initials on it?? HH!

  16. cgmillay . says:

    Nice day and nice hunt JD! Congrats on the silver! Have you checked out the spot on historicaerials(dot com) to maybe find out what was there before? HH!

  17. RiverRat2013 says:

    Wtg on silvers and token:) snowed covered ground again here today, someday spring will be here in Michigan:) HH

  18. BJ Holliday says:

    I agree. I really like the Teknetics, but every one that finds the most Silver on here is doing it with the Minelabs. I also beleave that it is not going to do you any good if you don’t know what your doing. How do you do your research when looking for new areas??

  19. JDsCoins says:

    I started with a whites classic II, which is just a step up from a kids machine. But it was easy to use and did the job while I was learning. If you want to upgrade you can still get a minelab, just go for a lesser model. You can get a minelab 705 for $729 and that’ll get your feet in the door with the technology until you upgrade again. If you keep switching brands It’ll be harder to learn each time.

  20. BJ Holliday says:

    What was thge first detector that you started out with?? I have a delta 4000 and I thought it was pretty good. I have only found 3 silvers and about 15 weats. I am seriously wanting an Etrak, but dont think I can go that much right now. Any other suggestions??

  21. ppd809able says:

    Great video, the one heavy object looks like an old water faucet stem.

  22. LincolnLogCody says:

    great hunt man congrats on the silvers! Is there any chance that patch of flowers grew where you cut a plug? That would explain the perfect circle

  23. marty Boot says:

    Great Hunt, love the plaque or what ever it is, looks to be transportation related with the 40’s style bus on it. Again great finds, waiting for the frost to get out of the ground here in west Michigan.

  24. thomas101834 says:

    Congrats on the silvers. Happy Hunting

  25. joshua ralston says:

    Great hunt .congratulations on the silver .

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