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Starting Coin Collections

Starting Coin Collections

Men and women have diverse hobbies and there are
people who really like to gather specific factors like
coins. Coin collections are gaining popularity over
the years. Arduous collectors are not very significantly
interested in promoting their collections rather they
want to shop them for family keepsakes which they can
pass on to their youngsters and grandchildren.

Did you know that at present, some coin collections
are worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars?
That’s true and if you want to commence your own
collection of coins, it is in no way as well late to begin.
Collecting coins is an engaging activity and hobby at
the same time. You will not only appreciate the coins
simply because of their look but also in terms of
cost. These are the rewards that you can expect by
engaging in such hobby.

Some people are not even conscious that they currently
have a small collection of coins. However, you must
determine which coins to gather. Some folks adore to
gather foreign coins whilst other people simply gather
regional state coins. The collections will rely on your
interests and after you have decided which certain
coins to gather, almost everything will be a lot less difficult. For
starters, you can begin collecting nearby coins and
tokens. Just keep on collecting as a lot of different
coins as you like. You can get the coins from your personal
property or perhaps from your relatives and pals.

The marks on the coins are fascinating and somehow it
tells a story about its previous. The coin can also inform
you exactly where it originated or its spot of issuance. Who
knows, the coins may have been employed by excellent leaders
and royalty. Another good point about these coins is
that the renowned figures are frequently depicted in it and
so you will be more familiar with them.

Coin collections will largely rely on you as the
collector. There is no distinct rule to follow in
collecting coins. As a collector, you need to know the
numerous strategies that you can use to assist you locate far more
coins to gather. One way is to collect a coin series
issued at a specific date. Some collectors make use of
the so referred to as ‘shotgun method’. This is a way to
gather any coins that catch your interests. There are
also coin collectors who favor to collect odd-shaped
coins nevertheless, you can uncover most of these uncommon
coins in other nations. You can gather such unusual
coins if you travel a lot, from one nation to

Starting out is not a fantastic issue due to the fact you can
just begin from your personal property. If you want, you can
check out local coin shops and see if there is an
fascinating coin there that you can acquire. If you
think that a coin collection will not involve any
costs, you’re fairly incorrect. You see, if you actually
want to gather stunning and exciting coins, you
have to spend funds particularly if you want to go for
coin series. You can even go to coin shows so that you
will discover out about the coin dealers in your location.
These dealers can help you in searching for the coins
to collect.

Begin coin collections now and see how fascinating
this hobby can be. You can have the coins framed so
that you can decorate it in your property for all your
guests to see. If you want to have a hobby that’s
worth cash, coin collections is just for you.

Image by dichohecho
Enjoyable time! I want everyone to guess where these coins are from. Notes or comments!
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20 Responses to Starting Coin Collections

  1. me'nthedogs says:

    You can tell how well travelled I am, not a clue!

  2. dichohecho says:

    Come on! There are some Euro coins in there…

  3. Keith JM G (Trying to get back into taking picture says:

    I think that I can spot an old Austrian coin. Looks like there is also either a Danish or Swedish coins here too plus some American coins.

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  4. Wermibug says:

    Hmm that 10 cent on the left is annoying me. I have so many randomly scattered through the house but I can’t think where it’s from… Hong Kong??

  5. dichohecho says:

    Keith – Nothing Danish or Swedish I don’t think. (most have the country written on) There’re two American ones but one has been altered somewhat.
    Wermibug – 10 cents on the left isn’t Hong Kong, but you’re in the right Ocean…

  6. seanlamonby. says:


  7. seanlamonby. says:

    is it chocolate monies? 😀

  8. dichohecho says:

    Not unless they’ve got a lot stingier with the chocolate and made the foil about 1000 times thicker…

  9. Guanatos Gwyn says:

    5 Kronur from Iceland

  10. dichohecho says:


  11. marhawkman says:

    Euro in middle is TWO cent from germany. 🙂

    check out the tiny bit of my collection in my photostream (no I’ve never been to china)

    Oh and the Bulgarian coin, the face up side says "Balgariya". The value is a number of Stotinki though.

  12. Howard33 says:

    There is the solution to the world financial crisis. If everybody got out the old coin jar, rolled up the coins, and hauled them off to the bank, the economy would instantly improve. Those coins are money that is not circulating. I’m not talking about collector stuff. I mean the jar, box, bowl, drawer, bag, or whatever container you use for your spare change.

    For years, we have been aware that coins won’t buy much anymore, so why wear out your pockets carrying them around? So we dump them in a jar as soon as we get home and forget about them.

    So let’s get rolling on this. First you get some extra folding money in your pocket. You will be providing employment for people at the bank, and even workers at the companies that makes those paper rollers.

    So get those idle coins in motion. Spend the paper money that you get in exchange. Let’s get the economy working.

  13. C_Bunny says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Photos that would look great on a Bank Card, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  14. SmartOneKg says:

    To Howard,

    Coins can be sold on eBay for much more than just circulation. Besides, Coin Collecting is a hobby. I spent hundreds of dollars on mine (I have a lot, but coins are cheap) and I feel good about it. I feel… accomplished. The economy can wait… right?

    …besides, many of these are in UNC condition. That elongated is 1.50 right there. 50 years from now these coins could be 2.00-5.00. Changes over time…

  15. Howard33 says:

    Hmmmm. 50 years from now . . . . I’m 76 now, so I guess I’ll just leave that to my heirs. Actually, I have been collecting coins since 1946, and the collection is more than I can lift. But much of it is US cents, going back to the 19th Century.

  16. marhawkman says:

    I got bored of collecting just US coins long ago. Doing sets of stuff like Turkish Lira and Canadian pennies is more interesting.

  17. fastypk says:

    do u know about talar coin usa 1853 gold coin

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