Ten Silver Coins | Silver Coins

Ten Silver Coins

Ten Silver Coins

This is a short video defining the prophetic symbols found in the parable Christ shared regarding the woman with the ten silver pieces. I hope you’re blessed…

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20 Responses to Ten Silver Coins

  1. NicholasPOGM says:

    Good point! Amen to that!

  2. David Brogan says:

    Beautiful. I have often wondered the true meaning of this parable. While money is not completely unimportant.  I wouldn’t tell my neighbors if I had found what was lost. However, since the Lord told me to strictly keep the Shabbat, I have been telling many.

  3. David Brogan says:


  4. Sabbath Remnant says:

    I sent this to my buddy, he is from the Calvary church. I told him he would see me in it.
    And I didnt lie I just had my part played out as a woman.(CHURCH)

  5. Sabbath Remnant says:

    I do not know much about WLC but I do know from a couple videos ive seen that their guy that actually made the videos left their organization because they were lying.

  6. Sabbath Remnant says:


  7. SDRNetherlands says:

    Christian greetings!

    You commented the following on the “Ten Silver Coins” Video

    “…my point being that a hourly workout for most is more important then the WORD! Not in this house!…”

    What did you mean by that?

  8. SDRNetherlands says:

    Thumbs Up if you have already found the Coin….

  9. Justin Lorenzana says:

    Very nice gem you have found. The word is full of them. Most Christians I see online don’t seem to have studied the bible. Its as if they read it with one eye closed and with both ears open, if you get my drift.

  10. SDRforChrist says:

    Awesome video Brother Nic! God bless!

  11. Barbeeznet says:

    Thank you Brother! You have not ceased to amaze me with your work! I too was one who always thought the Sabbath was Sunday therefore I had been deceived by our common enemy. I have read many articles on your site … looking into the history and it is all there … but the enemy will continue to keep the sheeple busy; my point being that a hourly workout for most is more important then the WORD! Not in this house!
    God Bless You Brother!

  12. NicholasPOGM says:

    First of all I am not SDA, and secondly what you just stated it prophetically accurate. What I mean is, your hatred for those that keep Sabbath is what Jesus said the people of the world will be like in the last days. Our only crime in your eyes is that we seek to obey God. As for the so called “pretended” Sabbath. If you see my video “Is Sunday the Christian Sabbath” you will see Sunday Sabbath has been proven using a Bible to be “pretended” on all counts. Still, we love you anyway.

  13. Endza50 says:

    thx for the share 🙂

  14. EricSaavy says:

    Glad to see you giving the Adventist a taste of their own medicine. They have spread the gospel of hate and now they reap what they sow. It was only a matter of time before, they are called Satan, like they called others. The Sabbatarian movement is full of hate! There is none that they hate the most, than Christ, Himself, whom they call “Satan” all the time.  It goes along with their PRETENDED Sabbath Keeping and other false doctrines.

  15. cregen124 says:

    Very nice video bro. PTL =) 

  16. NicholasPOGM says:

    No, the Lunar calendar is based on a monthly cycle. The Sabbath is based on the weekly cycle. False prophets like Worldslastchance have been luring people into Pagan worship for Rome using the truth we preach about Antichrist. I have an only study proving WLC lied about what the Word says about the moon. You can see the verses they purposely leave out to preach the lie here… remnantofgodDOTorg/lunar.htm

  17. sidthemyth says:

    should we keep it by the lunar calendar?

  18. getta gotta says:

    bless you in the name of the MOST HIGH i found my coin sometime now

  19. mechengine777 says:

    What’s amazing about this is the Sabbath coin unlocks the truth that the world has hid. I was a catholic all my life and the Sabbath truth got my head into the Bible. People must realize that this one lost coin truly is precious and no amount of gold or silver can compare to it. Thank you brother for another wonderful video :). kevin3…God Bless

  20. Arkata says:


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