41 Canadian 50 Cent Silver Coins Added To Stack! 1080HD! | Silver Coins

41 Canadian 50 Cent Silver Coins Added To Stack! 1080HD!

I bought 36 silver Canadian 50 cent coins today for each and another five at each! Bought from the same seller that sold me the forty 2006 ½oz silver …
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18 Responses to 41 Canadian 50 Cent Silver Coins Added To Stack! 1080HD!

  1. cuzinevil1 says:

    Canadian half dollar coins  from 1929 to 1967 are 80% silver.

  2. Galodude says:

    I have this little coin book for when I was born. Its for 1997, and it has all the coins for 1997 including a ginormous coin with the Canadian Team winning the olympics. Do they still make those?

  3. GSilvermani says:

    Nice grab I recently got a decent deal as well 4 walking liberty for only 100 bucks not to shabby :)

  4. peterlachance says:

    Nice! So jealous lol

  5. Linda Licht says:

    What is the site where you are talking about?

  6. Beardinc says:

    Are you buying from a guy selling his personal stash? or ?

  7. eazyevan1 says:

    I have 27 50 cent Canadian pieces from 1966 to 1942! Are they worth any thing if I cleaned them with Vim and my fingers? I cleaned them so they would be attractive!

  8. Myles Fitzgerald says:

    Do you know what percent silver say a 1960 half dollar is? My mom used to work for scotia Bank in Canada and among other coins she gave me, there are a bunch of the bottom ones in this video, no wolves, thanks

  9. boipinoi604 says:

    $508.81 as of today.

    I’m just starting to get into junk, what’s the best place to get them and what % over/under spot should I get them?

  10. kurtb1818 says:

    Unfortunately, there is no such coin as a low 1944. There are three varieties… a wide and narrow date, as well as, a wide date with a recut 4. Also, most canadian coins from the sixties are worth their BV unless they are dd’s, recuts, errors or ms-65’s. There was 7,683,228 1966 50 cent pieces made that year…meaning there are plenty in perfect condition. As for all those 1967’s you bought at 5 each…nice score. Especially one year later as silver keeps rising. Cheers.

  11. benoitnico20 says:

    if your 44 coins are not in so good condition (EF or better) the price range about for the same either it’s a near or a far 4

    VF value is about 12$ CAN

  12. iGradeMS70 says:

    dude, your canadian accent is EPIC! :)

  13. RyanB0011 says:

    No, each one contains 0.3 troy ounces of silver.

    1/0.3 = 3.33 repeating

    $28.16(spot price of silver per troy ounce) divided by 3.33 repeating = $8.44 worth of silver in each coin.

  14. Yunus Hassen says:

    Are they one ounce each?

  15. RyanB0011 says:

    Perhaps a local dealer wont give me exactly melt value but it is very easy to get melt value on ebay even with fees included. I have strong hands so I wont be doing an exit video for a while. I have noticed that junk silver price has been increasing on the bay, I frequently see junk silver going for $3-4 over spot per ounce on the bay. Perhaps it is just a numismatic premium returning to “junk” silver?

  16. RyanB0011 says:

    I definitely did, sounds very promising! The fundamentals are all there, and I have strong hands.

  17. hendo19742 says:

    Keep stacking mate, did you hear what eric sprott said about silver last week?

  18. mtube620 says:

    i didnt know abou the low and high 4 variety. i need to go check mine

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