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Mexican Libertad Silver Bullion Coins: Mas Fina

A short video showing the two different designs of the Mexican Libertad Silver Bullion Coin. The old one, and the current one in 1 ounce form. Popocatepetl a…
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22 Responses to Mexican Libertad Silver Bullion Coins: Mas Fina

  1. Jimmy Maya says:

    I agree with you, I really like the newer style more so than the older style, and you’re right, as far as looks go, it’s a toss up for me between the American silver eagle and the newer Libertad.

  2. jjs777fzr says:

    Definitely like the newer style. Probably one of the best designs of all the silver coins available. I only own a few of the 2oz – but I’d love to get the 5oz in 2014. I just like the idea of owning silver from the oldest mint in the Americas.

  3. Jimmy Maya says:

    Thanks David!, which design do you like more?, I like the newer style more I think.
    Great comment, Thank you!

  4. Jimmy Maya says:

    Thanks!, are you gonna get the old style or the new? Which do you like more?

  5. davidperez6 says:

    Thanks for upload this video ♠

  6. Cuarto703 says:

    Very nice pair of coins. I’m about to get some of those coins for myself.

  7. DetroitLove4U says:

    With all due respect IF I HAD MY HEAD UP MY ASS ….. I would say that Mexico is dominated by honest police, safe communities, and little corruption.

  8. hooverdog1957 says:

    And Mexico is the only country with foul politics and criminal empires. Actually the state is the reason these embedded criminal empires exist in the first place. Mexico in my opinion is actually a freer place than most countries, definitely freer than the USA.

  9. hooverdog1957 says:

    Except for the undesirable lizard queen on the obverse of all Australian, Canadian, and all coins of the United Kingdom and its commonwealth countries. Some mistake the obverse for Elton John.

  10. Eganflow1992 says:

    I bought a couple tubes of Libertads and they are awesome. However, they were supposed to be mixed dates and styles, but I only received the old style. I personally prefer the older style but I wish I had at least one of the newer ones just to compare.

  11. Jimmy Maya says:

    Thanks for your comment! It’s a toss up to me, both are just really great looking coins.
    Take care!

  12. cookiecrispfiend666 says:

    They are beautiful. They need more detail to compare to the eagles. But they are both the most beautiful

  13. guapeton2010 says:

    mi tio tenia un monton de monedas antiguas y billetes antiguos.$

  14. DetroitLove4U says:

    It’s amazing how Mexico, a ravaged country full of foul politics and ebbed criminal empires, brought to inception an adopted bullion coin strike before the United States. Personally I’m a big fan of Mexican coins. Not Mexican women! Though I enjoy the woman on the obverse of both non business strike varieties. I find that the more modern ones are harder to find in coin shops at least in my area. Though I think the Kookubarra this year is remarkably exemplary in all accounts. Good Job on these!

  15. beachbumsocal says:

    I also like Libertads. I recently got one that is a 1/2 ounce of silver. hehe

  16. SuperThisishowwedo says:

    I prefer the older ones as they are nice thick coins, they fit in my roll, they look the real deal when it comes to Silver, I expect them to be increasingly rare and valuable in the future. I heard a lot of these got melted down in the 80’s and 90’s, who’s to know how many exist now?!

  17. Jimmy Maya says:

    Hey, thanks for the comment! I like the writing along the edge of the older ones, but the Angel of Independence is looking pretty good on the newer ones 🙂

  18. SuperThisishowwedo says:

    Cool vid, keep stacking. I own some of the old style Libertad’s, they’re keepers!

  19. Kashif Bashir says:

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  20. Jimmy Maya says:

    The older design were the first ones I’d got, but after seeing the newer design I just had to get them.

  21. silverstacker999 says:

    I own both, but I prefer the older ones because they are more easily identifiable.

  22. Jimmy Maya says:

    After watching this, I noticed if you pause @ 1:10, you get a pretty neat effect during the dissolve.

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