Scrap Gold, Scrap Silver, Coins and more Garage Sale Finds! #14 (Part 1) | Silver Coins

Scrap Gold, Scrap Silver, Coins and more Garage Sale Finds! #14 (Part 1)

This is a video detailing my picking at “garage sales” “estate sales” tag sales” and “yard sales.” October 14th 2012 (Sneak Preview (part 1): Peace dollars, …
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25 Responses to Scrap Gold, Scrap Silver, Coins and more Garage Sale Finds! #14 (Part 1)

  1. Silverpicker says:

    You wouldn’t want to. It’s not pure gold and it makes more sense just to sell it and then buy a real bullion coin.

  2. ovechkin100 says:

    is there a way you could send in all that gold someone and get it melted down into a coin?

  3. Silverpicker says:

    Sure can! (though most of the time you wouldn’t want to)

  4. wizloon says:

    Can coins be sold as “scrap” ?

  5. skaterwatchboy says:

    ok tnks

  6. Silverpicker says:

    I am coming out with a new video soon of a bunch of commemorative Silver Israeli coins. They are super low mintages. Check em out when I put up the video

  7. skaterwatchboy says:

    HI i wish to buy some silver coins or even gold if u hv. R u interested in sellin?

  8. Silverpicker says:

    Most of what you see in this video has already been sold. If you are interested in buying some junk silver coins, PM me.

  9. Liam Cop says:

    With out the cake thing

  10. Liam Cop says:

    How much for all your silver

  11. Silverpicker says:

    Great advice! I already do that, but thanks!

  12. john24gold1 . says:

    wow great video, i metal detect, and do similar picking , id always list something on ebay etc before u scrap it, google the item as u most likely already do and look for comparison price range, then list with price u are willing to sell for anything above is bonus there… Ive sold animal skulls ive found for 50$ just to give u example. no i dont collect them but others do! good luck

  13. whittle4u says:

    Where in the world do you live that you find such cheap silver?

  14. Silverpicker says:

    Thanks! I really love hearing when people learn something from my channel! Thats what I’m here for!

  15. kingphilip2 says:

    That sounds about right.. i doubt that electrical / plumbing solder would bond with anything pure silver. eh..? Congrats and much love for your channel..I’ve learned a lot from you since I subbed. Keep up the good vids man. 🙂

  16. Silverpicker says:

    I just pealed it off. Came right off. Thanks though!

  17. kingphilip2 says:

    ..and if it works and you feel generous I’d love to have one of those..:) Had to sell my whole coin collection back in 2009. Good luck..!

  18. kingphilip2 says:

    To fix those soldered peace dollars.. buy some “solder wick”, hold it against the solder spots and heat it up with a soldering iron.. it will pull the solder into the wick material and leave the coin clean.. solder melts at 400-500 deg. you can also prime the wick with flux or fresh solder.

  19. J.D. Coins says:

    Are u interested to sell the peace dollars?

  20. Silverpicker says:

    Unfortunately there is competition. I know many of them. (I’m just better at it)

  21. Silverpicker says:

    Great idea!

  22. maria rubio says:

    Awesome haul!!!! There must be no pickers in your area (except coin pickers). We hit minimum 15-20 yard sales a weekend and never find that much. 🙁 But where I live it seems everyone trying to be pickers. On the earrings list them as sighned and they will fetch a good price but do a lot type sale. Costume jewelry buyers will jump them bad, throw a few gaudy rhinestone pieces with it and call it “vintage costume jewelry lot-signed pieces” throw a few known names up and let em bid it up.

  23. FTIdeas says:

    that solder should come right off with some heat,, i would hang them vertical and let the solder drip off

  24. AlPalC says:

    that solder might have toned those peace dollars.
    I hope it comes off because they are nice looking coins

  25. Silverpicker says:

    It’s because sometimes i accidentally cover the mic with my other hand. It’s not touching the camera when I use the magnifying glass. My bad, I’ll try and be more careful in the future. Thanks!

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