Silver coins unboxing | Silver Coins

Silver coins unboxing

This is my first video on this new channel, I do a package opening for two differant silver pickups. and show off some of my favorite silver coins and bars.
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9 Responses to Silver coins unboxing

  1. beachbumsocal says:

    Philharmonic is what that’s called…

  2. LoneAxiom says:

    Good stuff!! And thanks for subscribing :)

  3. dontmesswithsqacky says:

    check out my coin videos

  4. FTIdeas says:

    thanks , i should have a few more things coming in this week

  5. FTIdeas says:

    are those the magic beans that have been clogging up your toilet,,, if so ill pass 🙂

  6. FTIdeas says:

    oh yea i know, but its nice to mix in a nice piece every now and again, plus it will always hold its premium,,, unless The SHTF, then just the silver weight will matter.

  7. Jackurbation says:

    I will trade you those for some magic beans!

  8. taylor lord says:

    Watch the cost of premiums on some of those sets, you can easily loose out paying the extra for shiny coins vs junk silver containing close to the same amount of silver. Great video, keep it up!

  9. LoneAxiom says:

    Nice coins and silver bars!!! I really like 1oz bars personally, and that Pamp Dragon one is really quite something. Plus, one gram of gold is better than no grams of gold!! Keep stacking my friend, subbed!!!

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