Finding silver coins in circulation | Silver Coins

Finding silver coins in circulation

The silver coins are still in circulation… These are my finds.. mostly within one year.
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5 Responses to Finding silver coins in circulation

  1. JK387 says:

    pretty sweet

  2. MoneyBags73 says:

    Good Deal! Keep building your silver stash.

  3. Uglyplay3r says:

    ya alot of people don’t even know about the silver coins and their value… anyways.. finally its in the hand of one who know its value… 🙂

  4. Uglyplay3r says:


  5. DontTread0nMe1776 says:

    Amazing how clueless most people are, my ear is tuned to hear a silver coin ring when it hits the counter or bangs against another coin (as if the whiter appearance and lack of copper sandwich on the edge doesn’t give silver coins away)

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