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Silver Exit Strategy & Selling Silver Coins & Bars This video discusses how to liquidate your silver hoarding when the time comes. Discusses how to …

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25 Responses to Silver Exit Strategy & Selling Silver Coins & Bars

  1. leolookingup says:

    Great idea’s on developing relationships with dealers! I was worried about what to do if I needed to sell some metals.

  2. NFmagic says:

    Silver is the ultimate investment not real estate .

  3. Shoescouk says:

    OK on Firefox

  4. Shoescouk says:

    Video just stocks at 2.36 cannot go beyond

  5. PiercingKnight says:

    You cannot get burned by keeping precious metals, you can miss out on profits but u won’t get burned. A lot of people save in silver.

  6. Silverbuzzsuccess says:

    About 1%

  7. Silverbuzzsuccess says:

    Tangible assets like Real Estate

  8. ehswan says:

    Trade silver for what?

  9. ehswan says:

    Virtually no one is hoarding silver!

  10. clofgtjc says:

    I wonder if certain banks will accept your silver or gold coins.

  11. fsujci says:

    Hey Guys,
     I’m a 22 year old college kid with a couple thousand lying around. Fortunately for me, I don’t have any outstanding loans or anything of the sort. I’m graduating. . I’ve been really worried about our ‘Almighty American Dollar’ for the obvious reasons: But my big question?

    When this investments appreciates to the point of selling, should i redeem it in the USD or another currency/ Euro? Amero? Anyone?

    I’m buying silver expecting the USD to shit so…

  12. hsacasa says:

    Great video. Great point on making contacts with local silver dealers. I think there will plenty of opportunity to sell metals in the future. right now a small % of the population is buying metal lets say 10% for arguments sake. When the other 90% come rushing in to the market you can trade your silver for some thing else, rent a small space in a busy shopping center, sell to the coin shops, craigslist, ebay, etc. I think selling wont be a problem.

  13. Silverbuzzsuccess says:

    “Most not part of herd mentality”— I disagree, I’m even seeing silver and gold bugs part of a herd mentality . That’s why I’m considering buying copper bullion, which most silver and gold bugs wud laugh at me. But I enjoy value investing and I’m somewhat of a contrarion investor. We all get our info from sources, but too many people luv speculating, and its important to have a broader perspective on things and question everything.. Keep asking quest ur on ur way to growth!!!

  14. Silverbuzzsuccess says:

    Study arbitrtage in wiki or else where. But your tactics don’t have to fit arbitrage criteria all the way. After silver explodes I’ll have more money to buy something else of high utility value. For me, I wud potentially barter with fractional copper & silver bullion coins, and hundreds of other things. Gold preserves wealth, but silver creates wealth! So what will u do with ur wealth! RE, Fuel, Solar Energy, buy a biz, food, medicine,other metals. If u barter, get high value

  15. Silverbuzzsuccess says:

    Yes both Silver and Gold were very volatile for about 20 years in a bear run and the dollar was a much better hedge in the past, along with other investments. But all that has taken a 180* turn.

  16. TruthOverFacts says:

    And not to take away from your point, Yes…Silver has a history of being volatile, but Silver has never lost is wealth. Today Silver is desired for its industrial and reflective properties more than ever before in hisotry, outside of its monetary purpose…in a time when Silver is at its most scarce. To add, JP Morgan and their manipulation of the price of Silver to keep it low to maintain confidence of the dollar only tells me that Silver (as well as gold) has to go through the roof sometime.

  17. TruthOverFacts says:

    I understand and appreciate your vids. Most people will get their info from a source because their new Silver. Many people arent part of the herd mentality, but because info is supressed you have to lean on “sources” in order to get an idea. We can all be wrong, however, one thing that we seem totally agree with is that paper currency is something to get away from. Silver may be volatile, but seriously, is it more volatile than the currency? Silver has been around for ages.

  18. TruthOverFacts says:

    I dont recall you stating to exit in paper either, but I, like many others may assume dollars given that you didnt elaborate.  If you were to exit from silver into other metals like Platinum, rhodium and Gold as you just stated what would be your reasoning? I ask this just to pick your brain. I want to get a specific point f view…maybe its something that I havent thought of or considered yet. I just jumped into the Silver game a month ago, just trying to absorb info here.

  19. Silverbuzzsuccess says:

    Warren Buffet in 1998 bought 129 Mill oz’s of silver for about 5.25/oz =$677,250,000 –liquidated at about 8.00/oz =$1,032,000,000.00 with a profit of about $354,750,000.00 -almost 355 Million. Awesome profit
    Buffet is a great example that he didn’t do this silver play because he thought of silver as survival or barter money. It was an pure investment. Keep an open mind, since everyone is in this game for different reasons.

  20. Silverbuzzsuccess says:

    Some gold analysist are instructing for people to liquidate their gold now!. I disagree. We must follow the market market through technical analysis. Silver is very volatile. If something changes and the silver guru’s like Ted Butler, David Morgan, Howard Ruff, etc are wrong, and if market changes, then you must be prepared to liquidate! The purpose of my videos are to empower people to think . Some people don’t think for themselves anymore!! They follow the HERD!

  21. Silverbuzzsuccess says:

    Excellent observation. Your idea works assuming a return to a barter type economy. . Some people are buying for insurance, others for investment, others for survival money. Everything is speculative. No one has the answer, since no one has the crystal ball. But I don’t have to cash in dollars. You can do it in platinum, rhodium, Gold or something else of value. PS. I don’t recall saying to exit in paper! Silver will not be the only thing to barter if it gets to your scenario!

  22. TruthOverFacts says:

    Also, what do you mean exactly with “when shit hits the fan”? Im not trying to be an ass, but I do think its an honest question. If there is a “collapse” i wouldnt sell my silver, I’d use it for is original purpose…as money to purchase items that I need because the paper currencies will be worthless then. So given my example I would have to assume that your scenario has to be a different one from mine. Who wants to trade in their silver right before the market collapses?

  23. TruthOverFacts says:

    If I was hoarding real estate I’d take what you’re saying into consideration. But I dont think you understand why silver is being purchased. its not to “flip”, it is for purchasing power. you recommend we exit out of the silver market to a bunch of paper money thats going to lose value the moment it touches our hands? Its either Silver/Gold or land. I’d rather purchase property in full with Silver than to exit the market with currencies tanking on a global scale. This just isnt the dollar.

  24. aaronbassplyr says:

    No, I said what I meant to say. The price of silver is not an indication of inflation or deflation. It is an indicator of fear. Thus I used the term “may drop” as inflation/deflation aren’t always market wide. Which is precisely what makes it a possible investment opportunity.

    The point is the same. The vast amount of people buying silver are hedging, long term. The goal of which is to preserve purchasing power, not dollars.

  25. Silverbuzzsuccess says:

    Silver is hedge but also an investment as long as their is a bull run in Silver.. Look up ” Silver as Investment in Wikipedia” I believe you meant to say massive deflation where the American dollar drops not ” Silver”by using the word denomination, it is used to describe the amount of a currency. In this case. Silver is a commodity money, and although some silver may have face value it is better known for its intrinsic value.

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