How to get junk silver coins 1 of 2 | Silver Coins

How to get junk silver coins 1 of 2

http://GoldStandard.TV 1 dime junk silver coin 90% silver Screening pre1965 buying coins in the bank.
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14 Responses to How to get junk silver coins 1 of 2

  1. Dan Rickard says:

    3 year old post? really? spelling natzi, what do you go around youtube spell correcting everyone? 

  2. Nick Kramer says:

    mint.not ment.

  3. Josh Howard says:

    I have about 700 of these coins that I’ve collected from my old job as a clerk, arcades, vending machines, trading friends, and unrolling rolled coins from the bank. They’re all over the place for anyone who has an extra few minutes to look. 🙂

  4. airsoftgunsandknives says:

    I bought a box of dimes today and found 2 silvers, the ones that aren’t hand wrapped.

  5. SelfGoverned says:

    In the US…. pre 1982 copper cents (pennies) and ALL nickels now (already) exceed their copper and nickel metal valuations…

    Junk silver (90%) was practically OUT of circulation in the US… by around 1970…


  6. patrick258181 says:

    Never got 90% silvers from the bank a lot of 40%. I only get 90% from stores most likely some one broke into a house stole a change jar and was too stupid to know better or drug addicts stealing change from people. What I’m saying is 90% coins end up in circulation by accident any more. All my junk silver was collected 5 yrs or more ago. I don’t see it any more. Except for 65-70 and the occasional 40’s era nickel. Junk copper is paying off though.

  7. BMWg84 says:

    what the hell is american junk silver doing in korea?

  8. sky30456 says:

    i have found a silver nickle in my spare change before

  9. Dan Rickard says:

    then after talking with binks armored service workers, they informed me that they actually weigh EVERY single coin to find counterfet currancy. which also picks up silver coins.

  10. Dan Rickard says:

    yea, i figured that out after ordering 3 cases of coins from the local banks and didn’t find 1. thought maybe my luck was bad, then ordered a couple of more cases, same deal.. then it occured to me, that if they had a batch of even just 3 of them per roll, it wouldn’t match the roll weight at all. thus, it would get rejected, and not allowed into circulation..

  11. DollarCarryTrade says:

    Yes, silver dime is 2.5g and Not silver dime(since 1965) is 2.25g.

  12. Dan Rickard says:

    not anymore.. they are kinda rare in circulation.. you see the money lauders *(banks)* weigh every coin, and if its off weight, they take it out and ship it to the ment. silver coins dont weigh the same as today’s coins, so they get picked up by the banks and taken out of circulation.

  13. Loren Avedon says:

    good luck! 🙂

  14. odin422 says:

    the video got cut off

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