Stunning 2012 Britannia Silver Bullion Coin – A High End Investment Coin | Silver Coins

Stunning 2012 Britannia Silver Bullion Coin – A High End Investment Coin

Probably one of the most beautiful bullion rounds. The 2012 Britannia features heartstopping design and slick mirror fields & devices which make this a dynam…

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25 Responses to Stunning 2012 Britannia Silver Bullion Coin – A High End Investment Coin

  1. Tom The English Picker says:

    Very nice. I have a 2008 and it is lovely. I think they weigh more than an oz but are 985 silver but have the a troy of pure silver in them.

  2. silver john says:

    is it i swear from 2013 on wards gold and silver britannia are going to be fine 999.9 from 2013 on wards

  3. firefox666moll says:

    No john, 9245,

  4. silver john says:

    2013 britannias is 999 fine silver

  5. silver john says:

    keep stacking

  6. bennick69 says:

    Sweet. Ill get a few more. Do you use Guernsey mint, no vat, just import tax on rounds and bullion

  7. ToonandBBfan says:

    No, Gold is tax free here in the UK but Silver has 20% – I suspect because its an industry metal?
    On the positive side, these Britannia coins are exempt from capital gains tax (in the UK).

  8. ToonandBBfan says:

    The 2013 edition Britannia will be the first to be .999

  9. bennick69 says:

    They are .958 and weigh 32.5 to compensate

  10. Bass Masters says:

    Very nice coin! Cheers!

  11. Niklas Nikolajsen says:

    No – its fineness is 958, but with a weight of 32.454 g, it still contains 1 troy ounce of pure silver. I love the reverse, but I simply cannot stand the British royal house. This keeps my Britannia count to 1, just like my Maple count.

  12. Heinkle says:

    I have the 2001 coin that has been in its case for over 10 years and it hasn’t toned at all, so I believe the capsules are ‘archival’ quality.

  13. Terakasi says:

    Beauty of a coin. Those Brits sure make some nice nice coins.

  14. harmony7107 says:

    its not a round its a coin 2 pound legal tender but yes a beautifull coin

  15. sooupdragon says:

    You can’t beat British quality and design. Love it!

  16. michcool1012 says:

    It may be preety but it has less than. 999 silver its like. 800 or something!

  17. Michael Z. says:

    probably my favorite at the moment, but it would look so much better without the queen haha

  18. BlueRidgeSilverhound says:

    I told you it was a stunner!

  19. AudiophileTubes says:

    I just ordered my first ever yesterday. Looks like a real gorgeous coin- at least as nice as a Mexican Libertad.

  20. Slim Charles says:

    The purity of the Britannia is 95.8%. Therefore it has to be a heavier coin to ensure it can contain a full ounce of silver.

  21. BlueRidgeSilverhound says:

    I agree, the Isle of Man golds are absolutely filthy, someday I’ll get myself one or two.

  22. TheCurrencyMan says:

    Yeah, that’s really cool! If you are into gold coins at all, you might also like the old 20 franc Angel coins…they’re my favorite. Also, kinda dig the Isle of Man gold coins with St. Michael on em…they totally badass!

  23. ArgentPur1OZ says:

    my all time favorite

  24. madbob73 says:

    No gold is Tax free thankfully. I think there is tax on all silver within the EU too, though not as high as 20%. I think its just a couple of states that have sales tax over there isn’t it? To give you an idea how 20% really bumps up the prices – on ebay, junk silver prices are on average $18 for a half, and $40 for a morgan!! generic 1oz’s go for $50+ though of course there are cheaper places than ebay.

  25. BlueRidgeSilverhound says:

    What a raw deal. Any idea why they imposed the tax on Silver? Same for gold too?

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