Three major silver coins weights(silver eagle, maple leap, philharmonic) | Silver Coins

Three major silver coins weights(silver eagle, maple leap, philharmonic)

http://Goldstandard.TV Weights one troy ounce Silver coins American silver eagle coin, Canadian maple leaf silver coin, European philharmoniker(philharmonic)…
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18 Responses to Three major silver coins weights(silver eagle, maple leap, philharmonic)

  1. angeldustnights3001 says:

    Fakes almost always come in way under the correct weight, not over 🙂

  2. RedTriangle53 says:

    10 troy ounce = 10.9714286 ounces

  3. Reynold Wong says:

    hello i had a question i recently purchased a lydian lion silver coin and i did three test on it, the magnet test the sound test and the weighing test. the first two test seemed like it would be silver however when i weighed it it came out to be around 31.9 i was curious to know if you think this is a fake.

  4. MrTemplar1314 says:

    What is the make and model of the scale used to weigh the coins?

  5. mrtogo stacker says:

    i bought a “10oz” bar of silver last week from the perth mint it weighed in at 11oz

  6. ibra says:

    where can i buy sliver ?

  7. zackhashable says:

    No. Silver coins can weigh a bit more.

  8. zackhashable says:

    Silver coins do weigh a bit more but never gold coins. Maybe a bit less.

  9. Habeev07 says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you can say a 31.4 g, 31.24g, 31.35 g and 31.48gm Silver Eagle is a fake. Those 3 are more them a 31.1g Ozt and i thought Silver Eagles were exact. none of the coins are magnetic and they Sound like silver but just weigh slightly more im afraid they are silver plated fakes. Any ideas? God bless.

  10. mike lavelle says:

    I found differing official specs for the silver maple 2012, ranging from 31,103g all the way to 31,9g, and I found that there is a large discrepancy between the official thickness of 3,29mm and mine, which average out at 3,19mm (taken from 25 coin stack), also my weights are all over the place from 31,2g till 31,6g. any one else get these same results?

  11. toweronepower says:


  12. toweronepower says:

    It doesent mean anything its impossible to make a coin that is not silver and has the correct dimensions weigh a full ounce. If its fake it will weigh considerably less not a little more.

  13. exartizo says:

    did you ever check on the authenticity of those silver maple leafs?

    I’ve got some I2011’s I just bought that weigh 31.36 – 31.44

    The spec weight is 31.104

  14. msungs says:

    Maybe some can help me with this question. I am investing in Franklin and Kennedy 1964 (circulated) 90% silver coins. The coin should weigh 12.5 grams according to the Mint. The majority of my coins are 12.40-12.60 which is within the region of error ( I understand these are circulated coins) but some are as low as 12.3 and some are as high as 12.67. What is the deviation or the official tolerance? Any info would be appreciated.

  15. Aldy2Gee says:

    yeah same here CmURRARY. I picked up a canadian maple leaf from my dealer and my scale says it weighs 31.3 grams instead of 31.2. Thanks for the info Gold Standard. Will suscribe.

  16. CMURRAYR says:

    Thanks for the reply. Maybe the results differ somewhat because my scale has only a 0.1gr precision. I was not aware that those difference between silver coins were possible. Gold coins are usually identical in weight so i assumed silver would be the same.

  17. GoldStandardTV says:

    We had a news about this issue in our web, GoldStandard.TV

    ‘Weight differences of Canadian Maple leaf coins, More than 0.2 gram silver freebies you sometimes find’

  18. CMURRAYR says:

    Is it normal to see these weight deviations between coins?
    I recently bought some Maple Leafs which weighed on average 31.4gr, also with quite some weight deviations between them (0,3gr). As the official weight of a Maple leaf is very difficult to find, i’m beginning to wonder if i should check these coins on authenticity?

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