Two Hunts, Two Seated Silver Coins ~ Metal Detecting | Silver Coins

Two Hunts, Two Seated Silver Coins ~ Metal Detecting

Two different hunts from our best honey hole. The good stuff keeps coming out and we have yet to cover it all!
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25 Responses to Two Hunts, Two Seated Silver Coins ~ Metal Detecting

  1. CladCoin says:

    Great hunt, AWESOME coins !!!

  2. Lookn4Seated says:

    It’s not a horseshoe, it’s a MONSTER!

  3. ssflipo says:

    you guys must have a horse shoe up your %&* lol way to go man!

  4. 545allec says:

    Very nice hunt and finds!HH

  5. Krisje44 says:

    That are some realy nice finds man cool
    GL & HH

  6. rjhyden says:

    wow !

  7. MNdigger says:


  8. ddub134 says:

    That will be Monday. I’ve got the camera charge and I’m already ready to go! Thanks for watching.

  9. ddub134 says:

    Still unclear what exactly was there. Have an idea that has some weight but not going to reveal the details as that would give the location away. Need to keep the lurkers at bay!

  10. ddub134 says:

    Your video was insane. Still searching for my first dollar. The place we’ve been hunting has had two come out already. It should hopefully be my turn next. I’m hoping.

  11. ddub134 says:

    Thanks! I hope it doesn’t end….

  12. ddub134 says:

    I took a 10 minute timeout after popping the half out. Then dug the rest of the coins out of the hole before filming. Wish I would have turned the camera on sooner but with the rain, I wanted to make sure that I didn’t have the camera out for too long. P.S. I changed my pants when I got home. Hahaha. 😀

  13. ddub134 says:

    Thanks! I didn’t catch up to him in quantity, but around here my seated half put me ahead in quality. Thanks for watching.

  14. Ardenwolfe says:

    That’s some outstanding finds . . . like always for you. 😉

  15. MrSilver9759 . says:

    Sweet coin spill, thanks for comment on my coin spill of silver dollars, Still shakin, awesome silvers and nickels

  16. justanotherpulltab says:

    geeeez ddub, you going crazy on that spot. i think finding that seated would have made me pass out, and then when i came to i would have to change my pants.

  17. A.D. Carter IV says:

    SWEET Diggs on the BIG silver

  18. ssflipo says:

    awesome! How do you guys do it. You find the sweet spots in the woods, dam I wish I could find one silver. Congrats!

  19. ddub134 says:

    Pretty much. The signals were climbing over each other. It wasn’t a tight pocket spill. The coins were pretty spread out, but all of them were under the coil at the same time. Just jumping from dime to just below a nickel.

  20. Dave DesertWalker says:

    Very nice! It;s fun to find the seated halves!

  21. jcooking says:

    Wow those are some awesome finds! Always excited to see what you guys are gonna find next! thanks for sharing and congratulations

  22. inspector010 says:

    guys that is a awesome hunt!!!and area… have you guys done the research and found out what used to be there in that area…i havent seen any foundations if so you havent shown them, could it possibly be old bootleg area?iam just interested why there is so much money there..

  23. garbageguru1 says:

    Very good hunt! I know you were excited! HH!

  24. Yulelah says:

    Awesome video and hunt ! Congarts on all the old silver coins and all your finds . Good luck on your next hunt !


    Great Video.ddub…wow…great coins….What a spot…Congrats….R.D.D.

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