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Buying Silver Coins at Estate Sales & Local Auctions

If you are tired of paying retail prices for Gold & Silver coins you might want to check out local auctions & estate sales. Certified Silver and Gold collect…
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6 Responses to Buying Silver Coins at Estate Sales & Local Auctions

  1. Daniel Piraino says:

    Yup, me to. I prefer the sell-ability that they offer although the ANACS coins can still be a strong buy.

  2. Daniel Piraino says:

    The certified coins are becoming very hard to find at auctions as of late and I would suspect that this trend will continue.
    I do see tons of mint sets as you have mentioned and lots of junk silver coins that are still selling at or below market price. The cat is still in the bag so to speak but that isn’t the case everywhere. As the market grows and the awareness builds the opportunity will continue to shrink. Get out there and hit those auctions – Today is the day !

  3. thePImpTroll100 says:

    Is he wearing gloves

  4. Daniel Piraino says:

    Mint sets are almost always at one of the local auctions that I go to, and the crowd almost always goes wild for them.
    I love the silver proof sets but most of the time, I already have my eye on something else.
    Have you looked into Auction to see if you have any coin auctions close by?

  5. pjspurple1 says:

    I’ve yet to get some beautiful graded or proof coins in my collection besides a couple mint sets.

  6. lagoveride says:

    pcgs and ngc are the big dogs. I would rather get graded coins from them.

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