Garage Sale Picking Haul: Coins, Silver and Gold Scrap, Video Games, Knives and More! #006 | Silver Coins

Garage Sale Picking Haul: Coins, Silver and Gold Scrap, Video Games, Knives and More! #006

This is a video detailing my picking at “garage sales” “estate sales” tag sales” and “yard sales.” Weekend of July 14th 2012 (Sneak Preview: Scrap gold, Scra…

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25 Responses to Garage Sale Picking Haul: Coins, Silver and Gold Scrap, Video Games, Knives and More! #006

  1. Silverpicker says:


  2. UnitedStatesOfClad says:

    you spelled virus wrong

  3. Andrew Carlin says:

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  4. cuzinevil1 says:

    If the coin is worn it will have obvious abrasions on the surface of the suspect area. If it was stamped through grease it will have the same patina as the other numbers. Did you notice the A on the end of America? You could have a double fault grease coin. Check the C next to it for unusual marks or wear.
    Good luck

  5. ddb1202 says:

    send me a message please if you want to sell me

  6. ddb1202 says:


  7. thebottlesorter says:

    nice video-awesome buy on the silver dollars 🙂 as far as ebay goes, sometimes it is worth listing stuff for only five dollars because it brings people to your listings…make sure to say “check out other listings” when listing items on ebay. It will surprise you what sells and for how much. Keep up the good work and happy hunting 🙂

  8. hardcoremofo says:

    U have to really rip someone off to get gold and silver in a garage sale.

  9. Legit Profit says:

    Hey everyone I am just starting youtube and I will be doing weekly videos just like this one so if you could check me out it really helps me, thanks

  10. browmeyessutton says:

    do you use cointrackers. com?

  11. jay silverheels says:

    yes, the variety 2=$36.+ variety1=$5.+ also the die used looks to have a piece of cloth covering the 8 which has been known to happen while wiping the die

  12. Silverpicker says:

    Is there a value difference in that?

  13. jay silverheels says:

    on the 1886 is a variety 2 the feather points to CA in america variety 1 the feather point would be at IC Seems as you have done yourself well and thanks for the vid

  14. Dezartdave702 says:

    No thanks

  15. Silverpicker says:

    All I have available are Israeli commemorative silver. Great deal now, if you want. Buy silver on the dips!

  16. Dezartdave702 says:

    Are you willing to sell some American silver coins

  17. Joshua Beissel says:

    The didn’t make roosevelt dimes in 1943, so I think its a 1948.

  18. Hope Walker says:

    Delft is a city in Holland and the blue & white porcelain of the pin is of a style that has been used in Delft (and the region) from the 16th century. Many people collect Delft tiles. You can probably sell that on eBay and certainly get more than the $1 you paid.

  19. coltsfan576 says:

    so 7.50 times 3

  20. coltsfan576 says:

    dude lucky thts a variety 2 which is 7.50 in g-4 so cool

  21. ADJ30168 says:

    Are you sure that was a 43 FDR Dime? They didn’t start making it until after his death in 46. From the video it does look like 43, though . . .

  22. snakeboy63 says:

    awesome finds dude!

  23. TheCoinBros says:

    But nice finds

  24. TheCoinBros says:

    not to be mean but they didn’t make rosevelt dimes in 1943

  25. Flyingpies1 says:

    The pin even had N O on it. Lol

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