Garage Sale Picking Haul Gold, Silver Scrap, Coins, Video Games and More! #002 (part 2) | Silver Coins

Garage Sale Picking Haul Gold, Silver Scrap, Coins, Video Games and More! #002 (part 2)

This is a video detailing my picking at “garage sales” “estate sales” tag sales” and “yard sales.”…
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25 Responses to Garage Sale Picking Haul Gold, Silver Scrap, Coins, Video Games and More! #002 (part 2)

  1. Jack Kennedy says:

    @ anyone e ….i think mercury dime was 1941 and peace dollar was 1921

  2. cody gardner says:

    steel penny that’s awesome!

  3. survivalizer says:

    Wow… What a steal.

  4. anyon e says:

    You can also sell them on eBay.

  5. anyon e says:

    1921 is a key date for the mercury dime. 

  6. gigitygoo00 says:

    If anyone’s interested check my channel I haveots of stuff cheap all for sale

  7. Barbralady86 says:

    That’s over $700 in silver

  8. coins coins says:


  9. coinslayer141 says:

    Any eagles availible??

  10. Mitchell Kossoris says:

    !!!!!!!!!!! is all I can say!

  11. Silverpicker says:

    I do indeed have some silver coins that I am selling. If you check out my “Canadian Silver Dollar Haul” video, you will see that I am selling many of those commemorative silver dollars. If you are interested in any of those, please let me know (PM me). For now, that is all I am selling.

  12. Sammie Myers says:

    do you have silver dimes or other silver coins. write back if you want to talk bisness.

  13. Silverpicker says:

    I know what you mean, but $1000 I think is a bit high!

  14. TheSilverguy79 says:

    $200 or $300 for garage sale picking, no no Silverpicker try $1000 and that’s low, you might get a person selling gold coins or jewelry box full of all kinds of gold maybe some crap mixed in but for say $200 who cares or maybe something like a Gorham or Tiffany 5 or 6 pound silver tray might be available to buy up cheap.

  15. coins rus says:

    great find right place the right time

  16. Silverpicker says:

    I am so sorry, but I sold all of the coins that I was looking to sell yesterday! So many people have asked me since, and I feel so bad telling them I don’t have any coins left to sell. If you want jewelry, I’ve got plenty. Otherwise, next time I make a video with coins I’ll be sure to keep you in mind (although there are 2 other people who also were looking to buy morgans from me-hopefully there will be enough to go around!)

  17. c0inb0y34 says:

    how much for a morgan

  18. Silverpicker says:

    Sorry to disappoint, but I am only selling the jewelry, some of the morgans, and the video games. If you are interested in any of that stuff please let me know!

  19. c0inb0y34 says:

    how much do you want for a silver quater

  20. coinslayer141 says:

    wow man thats really lucky keep stacking

  21. Silverpicker says:

    Thanks, they are really cool and unique pieces. I’m selling the bigger one, so if you’re interested you know what to do! :)

  22. Silverpicker says:

    Absolutely. PM me with an offer and we can take it from there!

  23. Silverpicker says:

    Thanks! I’d be more than happy to sell the Silver dollars, but I feel like it wouldn’t be worth it for you with shipping. If you’re still interested, however, PM me and we can discuss further.

  24. Tom The English Picker says:

    Wow. What a coin haul! I’d def be interested in some of the silver dollars man. Well done! Good tip on the DVDs , thanks

  25. j6i6z6z says:

    I like the ashtrays.

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