Silver coinage 90%, bullion, or bullion coins which to buy? (part 1) | Silver Coins

Silver coinage 90%, bullion, or bullion coins which to buy? (part 1)

These are my thoughts and opinions when it comes to 90% silver coinage and somethings to think about. I would love to change my thoughts and opinions when it…
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13 Responses to Silver coinage 90%, bullion, or bullion coins which to buy? (part 1)

  1. cvenzke410 says:

    That’s funny cause I don’t know you. I want to leave your comment here just to show everyone how idiotic you made yourself look. LOL, good day

  2. silver999junkie says:

    Ebcxteen you r a fagget I know this kid in real life he blows dick

  3. msungs says:

    I need to look more into it. Before I left the USSA I went to tax protests (according to the USSA Government I am likely domestic terrorist just based on this alone, I can show you the documents I am a former cop). Okay, back on track. People told me at these events that the way to bankrupt the “Fed” as Federal as Federal Express is to only use coins. I think the Fed mandates how many coins the US Mint can make. I have to look into it. Do you have any info you could share?

  4. disclosurenow9 says:

    Why bother with all that? 999 is too soft for currency wears out in no time – thats why 90% or 925 is used.

  5. disclosurenow9 says:

    The Federal Reserve and the US Mint are 2 different animals.

  6. disclosurenow9 says:

    If/when govt/society collapses we are all toast when the nuke facilities which are everywhere all melt down. They need constant maintenance. A shoebox full of quarters isn’t going to save your ass.

  7. msungs says:

    What is so hilarious about that statute against melting coins down is that the statute needs to be applied against the Federal Reserve as “Federal” as Federal Express and their counter-fitting operation…they diminish and falsify our dollar everyday when they keep printing more “Owe”bama bucks. Don’t steal or melt; the government hates competition.

  8. EBCxTEEN says:

    dude your just useing to many big words to try to confuse everyone and another thing we are not buying 90% silver coins for the hell of it or even for an investment we are buying them for barter in an economic collapse WHERE THE GOV. HAS NO POWER so please try to know what the hell your talking about b4 you make a video

  9. ehswan says:

    I would sure as hell like all of you to take this fellow seriously so that I can buy more “junk” silver at face value. Can any of you imagine how absurd buying a pre ’65 dime for a current dime would be? No, according to this moronic comment stream you can’t! Hey, I’ll offer you 2 current dimes for 1 pre 65 dime!! Any takers? No? I thought not. Get real.

  10. JuicersSuck says:

    You hit the nail on the head at the end of the vid when you said at the end of the day, it all depends on what the government decides – because in a democracy, the government should dictate for the people… rolls eyes. Anyway, yeah so what does it really matter, 90%, bullion, scrap?… the government is going to tell you what your silver is worth… not the market, because that would actually be freedom. It’s pretty depressing when you become aware of just how rigged the game is.

  11. cvenzke410 says:

    @silvercelli I’m just referring to the current designed 5, 10, 25, 50 cents coinage. Your right on the 90% morgans, murcury, liberty walker ect… those aren’t produced anymore therefore can be melted. For me melting 90% is just wrong anyhow because the mintage numbers and just the ethical reason doesn’t make sense to me.

  12. cvenzke410 says:

    My point is that if a person thinks they’ll get thier silver content out of the silver coinage when used for barter. retail / financial institutions are under regulations already I’m betting they won’t legally.

  13. outlawcajin316 says:

    if it comes down to goverment regulation on nominational coins, and what the coin shops them selves are able to pay out, we could always bring out 90% to a refinery and have it made into .999, then brought to a place like quality silver builion to be made into whatever.
    just my .02

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